Measure For Measure: Leap Of Faith

[caption id="attachment_175943" align="alignnone" width="605"] Photo courtesy[/caption] One fine day, I donned my superhero cape ― a bath towel held together with a safety pin ― clambered up a ladder to the roof, stood bravely on the edge, and jumped. For one glorious moment, I was flying. Then I hit the ground. Hard. Fortunately I was only seven years old and fifty pounds. Nothing was shattered, except my childish dream of flying. Into the life of every aspiring musician there comes a moment like that, a moment when, in the grip of your dreams, you take a leap of faith into the life of an artist. For jazz guitarist Peter Sprague it came just after high school in the mid-1970s: “It was like a cliff that I was going to jump off of … It could have been fraught with danger or failure, because you see so many stories of people becoming musicians and it not working out, and the path that I took was not conventional. You know, usually your parents want you to go to college and do that kind of thing, and I just didn’t want to do that. So there were some scary moments there.” I…

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