Album Premiere: Adrian + Meredith, More Than A Little

Photo courtesy of the artist
Photo courtesy of the artist

East Nashville husband and wife duo Adrian + Meredith have pretty different backgrounds — Adrian is a Detroit native with punk roots; Meredith got her chops playing old-time music. Their debut album More Than A Little (due out November 4), though, shows the pair charting new sonic territory together, making rowdy roots music with a little help from friends and fellow musicians like Fats Kaplin, JD Wilkes and Paul Niehaus.

“We’ve been in Nashville for five years,” Adrian Krygowski says. “The Music City is a crash-course on more than you ever needed or wanted to know about the industry. You see how deals actually get made, why certain artists get pushed faster than others. When it becomes your hometown and all-encompassing reality, it’s hard to escape the music-festival-backstage that is your life. Artists begin to reflect on their mark on the world, with their educated opinions about the relationship between entertainment, art, and business.

More Than A Little is a collective reflection on that very idea. We’re from Nashville but we don’t play country music. We have issues with the industry we’re in, but we’re here to stay. We know where we came from, but we’re a freight-train heading forward.”

Listen to More Than A Little below.