The Holiday Gear Guide 2016

Featuring Jessica Maros and Tyler James of Escondido

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(Street: $329.99)

It’s billed as both a travel guitar and as a mini classical guitar. Well, it’s both. As fun to play as it is unique, Cordoba’s Mini SM-CE Acoustic-Electric can serve several different needs. With nylon strings and a neck just a few hundredths of an inch slimmer than a standard classical guitar neck, it works great for the player with classical and fingerpicking chops, as well as for thumb-strumming and for lead playing with its cutaway.

With a 2-band pickup system and an end-pin jack, it’s just as much at home on the stage as it is on the couch, in the back of a car, or around the campfire. At about 30½ inches long, it’s 10 to 12 inches shorter than a standard acoustic guitar. The tuning is a little different, with the sixth string tuned to A instead of E, and the rest of the strings tuned to typical guitar string intervals from that low A upwards. This guitar is a great-sounding, great-looking and all-round enjoyable little instrument.

Holiday Gear Guide


(Street: $2,199)

Taylor hits a home run again with its new 414ce-R acoustic-electric.... Sign In to Keep Reading

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