Brooklyn Bridge, “The Worst That Could Happen”

For every bride out there, there’s probably not only a groom, but also another guy out there who could’ve been the one but just couldn’t make it work out in the end. It is for those poor also-rans that “The Worst That Could Happen” seems to be tailor-made, a sad song for the saddest possible sacks. It even telegraphs the calamity right there in the title before you ever hear a note. “The Worst That Could Happen” came from the prolific songwriting pen of Jimmy Webb, who was inspired by the actual experience of having a former flame marry someone else. Webb did his own version, as did The Fifth Dimension. But it was only when The Brooklyn Bridge, with their golden-lunged lead singer Johnny Maestro, got hold of the song that it reached its full potential. It had to be a winner; how else to explain a song by a vocal group soaring to the Top 5 in 1969 in the midst of an era dominated by psychedelic rock and gritty R&B. Maestro’s performance was crucial to this success, especially the vocal key change that he delivered in the final chorus. Brooklyn Bridge member James Rosica remembered the scene…

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