Makin’ Stuff Up: Sundance Head’s Precarious Climb

THE VOICE -- "Live Semi Finals" Episode: 1117B -- Pictured: (l-r) Blake Shelton, Sundance Head -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Next to “Perseverance,” Funk and Wagnalls should put a picture of a Texas-born powerhouse named Jason “Sundance” Head. At 37, a herky-jerky, mad-mouse rollercoaster ride landed Season 11’s winner of The Voice smack dab in the spotlight. And, the Fates willing, that spotlight will continue to follow this extraordinarily talented fellow for a long time to come.   

Without question, the son of ’60s-era blue-eyed soul shouter Roy Head (“Treat Her Right”) sings the lights out — which he’s been doing since his peacock-proud poppa invited the youngster on stage to duet at age 10. Although his pedigree and a leg up from the old man might have given Jason a “head” start, he couldn’t have had a clue how precarious the path ahead would be. That he stuck to his guns, regardless of the long odds, working doggedly to develop his natural assets and grabbing each and every chance to do his thing testifies to a heart rivaling the size of his home state.

You see, although Sundance has by now refined a unique and unmistakable stage presence, he’s about as far from a dreamboat rock-star as a feller can get. And Sundance makes no pretense of vanity. During one Voice episode, mentor Bette Midler queried if he ever performed without his instrument. “Nah,” the rotund singer replied with a wink, “When I take off my guitar, it makes me look fat.”

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