Charlie Parr Pays Homage to Dock Boggs on New Tune “I Ain’t Dead Yet”

Photo by Nate Ryan

The idea of attending one’s own funeral can be an enticing one — just ask Tom Sawyer. Or ask Charlie Parr, who explores a similar sentiment in his new song “I Ain’t Dead Yet.” On a track from his forthcoming album Dog, the Minnesota songwriter considers the absurdity in dressing the dead in fine new clothes, asking instead that he be given the chance to “wear that suit right now” over furiously picked acoustic slide guitar.

“’I Ain’t Dead Yet’ is kind of an homage to Dock Boggs, who’s one of my favorite musicians,” Parr says. “He played a song called ‘Roses While I’m Living’ which expressed the same sentiment. We’re here now, we have time to appreciate one another now rather than memorialize them when they’re gone.”

Dog is out September 8 on Red House Records. Listen to “I Ain’t Dead Yet” below.