Penny & Sparrow Contemplate Legacy in New Track “Salome & Saint Procula”

Photo by Daniel N. Johnson

The thought of leaving a legacy can be a daunting one, particularly if you’ve done a few things you aren’t too proud of. Texas duo Penny & Sparrow explore that thought process in new song “Salome & Saint Procula,” a track off their forthcoming album Wendigo. The tune’s arrangement, in typical Penny & Sparrow fashion, makes the tough subject go down a little easier, aided by a propulsive kick drum rhythm and layered vocal harmonies reminiscent of Bon Iver.

“I can’t sum you up based on one story of your life,” Andy Baxter says. “And one day’s worth of choices I made when I was backed into a corner don’t cement my legacy. But questions about fairness and blame and reputation aren’t easy ones. History, and the humans that live it, could choose to remember us fondly, coldly, or not at all. This is the song you might sing if history chose a dark moment to remember you by.”

Wendigo is out September 1. Listen to “Salome & Saint Procula” below.