Hear Jeremy Fetzer’s Trippy New Solo Track “Wisdom of the Octopus”

Nashville guitarist Jeremy Fetzer, co-founder of the instrumental duo Steelism, has released the title track off his forthcoming debut solo EP, Wisdom of the Octopus.

The EP was recorded at The Bomb Shelter in East Nashville and was co-produced with John Estes. The album also features guest performances from Jon Radford, Reno Bo, Robbie Crowell, Kristin Weber and Spencer Cullum.

Fetzer’s sessions for Wisdom of the Octopus took place in between sessions for Steelism’s critically acclaimed most recent album, ism.

The song reflects both the promise of Fetzer’s new solo musical endeavor and his hopes to create a more sustainable world.

“I’ve always gravitated to the more abstract and playful songs off of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine and the White Album as well as Harry Nilsson’s The Point – so I knew I wanted to take a ’60s-psychedelic, children’s song approach with this track,” Fetzer said. “Inspiration came from a trip to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium where we saw an incredible octopus and learned of the devastating impact overfishing has done to Monterrey’s sea life.  The lyrics are from the perspective of a wise and powerful octopus warning a child of the effects on the earth if he doesn’t find compassion for animals and the environment.”

Listen to “Wisdom of the Octopus” below.