Watch Cameron Blake’s Emotionally Stirring Video For “Fear Not”

Cameron Blake has released an emotionally stirring new video for his song “Fear Not,” the title track off his new album which drops tomorrow.

The video follows a bittersweet arc, told through the eyes of a child as his parents fight. In some ways, the song has the effect of a lullaby. But the song — and the album in general — is rife with political metaphor.

“My second daughter was six months old and it was at the height of the 2016 presidential campaign [when I wrote it],” Blake said. “Fear was being blasted out from everywhere and yet there I was rocking my child to sleep. Something about the juxtaposition of the two inspired this song.”

The video’s producer Matthew Huizenga helped Blake translate his vision on to the screen.

“He was preparing to become a new father himself and was able to capture the imaginative, magical side of childhood as well as its’ vulnerability,” Blake said. “We never really outgrow our need to be brave.”

Watch the video below.