Faustina Masigat Shares New Song “Stay With Me”

Photo by Vincent Bancheri

Portland’s Faustina Masigat has a background in traditional music, having spent her college years studying and learning in a rigorous training program. It was when she left that behind, though, that the songwriter, vocalist, and instrumentalist was truly able to find her own voice. After a couple years of writing and reflecting, Masigat is preparing to share that voice with the wider world with her forthcoming self-titled debut album.

Ahead of the album’s release, Masigat has shared a new song, “Stay With Me.” A simply rendered love song, “Stay With Me” showcases Masigat’s delicate vocals, contemplative songwriting, and affection for the intimacy brought forth from a worn-out guitar or an imperfect take. Throughout the song, player Tucker Jackson answers Masigat’s voice with ethereal pedal steel.

“’Stay With Me’ was my attempt at writing a love song, in the very traditional sense,” Masigat says. “It was originally recorded as a duet, but over time it made less and less sense conceptually to have any vocals other than my own on the album. Ben Nugent, who mixed the record, encouraged me to keep the songs self contained in this way, to dig into that intimacy instead of obscuring it.”

For Faustina Masigat, Masigat enlisted Portland’s Ryan Lewis, Ben Nugent, and Timothy Stollenwerk to bring these new tunes to life in the studio. The album is out April 6 via Mama Bird Recording Co.

Listen to “Stay With Me” below.