Listen to Robby Hecht’s New Song “New Normal”

Photo courtesy of the artist

Songwriter Robby Hecht is well known around his home base of Nashville, as he’s collaborated with a number of local artists — Caroline Spence, Nora Jane Struthers, and Amy Speace among them — all while maintaining a busy solo career.

He’s currently at work with producer Gus Berry on a follow-up to 2015’s Evergreen. While there aren’t release details available for that new project yet, Hecht has shared a new tune, “New Normal,” from those sessions. Co-written with Elise Hayes, “New Normal” is a cautiously optimistic look at life after the end of a longtime partnership.

“I wrote ‘New Normal’ with my friend Elise Hayes in the summer of 2016, about a month after I’d moved into a one-bedroom sublet where I was living alone for the first time in over a decade,” Hecht says. “I was incredibly disoriented by the way familiar things now existed in a new context. My old books and candles sat on new shelves and walking the dog meant learning new streets and houses. This song is largely a meditation on my sensory experience of that time.”

Listen to “New Normal” below.