Sam Outlaw Releases Live Performance Video For “Diamond Ring”

Photo by Joseph Llanes

With the release of his first two albums, Angeleno and Tenderheart, Sam Outlaw established himself as an integral player in the southern California country scene. The latter, released in 2017, saw Outlaw expand upon Angeleno‘s traditional-leaning roots to find a sound that, true to the album’s title, shows off the musician’s softer side.

As part of a “Love Me Not”-themed playlist curated by Amazon Music, Outlaw and his band performed a live version of Tenderheart standout “Diamond Ring.” A twangy ode to questionable romantic pairings and all the ensuing complications, “Diamond Ring” is an honest look at just how messy modern romances can be.

“’Diamond Ring’ is about the love life of a self-centered ‘twenty-something,'” Outlaw says. “My ode to ‘swipe culture.’ I’ve heard some people interpret the narrative as being a love song, but it couldn’t be further from a proper romance. Shooting the video was great because we got all hopped up on coffee and barbecue. I actually like this version better than the album cut.”

Watch the live performance video for “Diamond Ring” below.