Brothers Osborne: Embrace The Unknown

“I never want to go into a writing room telling someone we’ve got to write an up-tempo.”

[caption id="attachment_205483" align="aligncenter" width="900"] TJ and John Osborne. Photo by Alysse Gafkjen[/caption] John and TJ Osborne have no idea how they write songs, and they prefer it that way. “The more you try to create some sort of formula for songwriting, the harder it becomes, and the more disingenuous your songs become,” says John, the guitarist in Brothers Osborne, who over the past five years have become one of the most unsuspecting and quietly subversive successes in mainstream country, delivering country radio a series of unfettered melodic rock singles, the only gimmicks being John’s unrivaled guitar chops and TJ’s yearning vocals. “There are so many different ways to go about creating and recording a song,” says TJ, John’s younger brother and the group’s lead vocalist. “Some days when it’s a cold rainy day and you think, ‘We’re gonna write a cold, rainy day song,’ but it’s the complete opposite.” The duo adhered to this philosophy during the drawn-out writing period for Pawn Shop, their 2016 debut album that spawned four Top 40 charting singles, including the Top Five hit “Stay A Little Longer.” TJ wrote one of the album’s darkest, most intense songs, the post-breakup jealousy meditation “Heart Shaped Locket,”…

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