Adam Wright Confronts His Inner Dreamer On “Born To Dream”

Photo by Joshua Black Wilkins

The world isn’t always friendly to dreamers. Day jobs and utility bills don’t give a damn if you’re a great songwriter, meaning that those who choose to follow artistic paths often have to work twice as hard to make ends meet.

On his new track “Born To Dream,” Adam Wright considers the difficulties of being born with a head perpetually “in the clouds.” It’s not a “pragmatic” way to live, but Wright, over gently plucked acoustic guitar, seems to make peace with his dreamy circumstance by track’s end.

“I knew pretty early on that I suffered from incurable imagination,” Wright says. “Doomed to daydream and wonder about everything. It’s one of the reasons I enjoyed manual labor. Your mind was free while your body earned a dollar.”

“Born To Dream” is off Wright’s forthcoming album Dust, out June 22. Listen to “Born To Dream” below.