Bantug Creates Dream World In Video For “Our Apartment”

Photo by Kelsey Cherry

In Bantug’s new song “Our Apartment,” the Nashville-based pop artist sings of the specific joys that come from sharing a home with a romantic partner. Off her recently released EP Red, “Our Apartment” is built off a minimal beat, with Bantug’s reedy vocals accented by chiming strings and spacey synth.

In a new video for the song, Bantug and director JaCroix give the song’s narrative a trippy visual, complete with miniature furniture, dancing hands, and a hazy dreamscape of floating red boots.

“The video suggests that we create elaborate and entertaining worlds to distract ourselves from the fact that we’re missing what we really want,” Bantug says. “Honestly, just writing this song was in some way a distraction from missing my partner. As much as music is my passion, human connection is much more.”

Watch the video for “Our Apartment” below.