Alanna Royale Debuts Powerful New Video For “Cruel Cruel World”

Photo courtesy of the artist

Alanna Royale’s video for her recent single “I Know” was all fun and empowerment, with the Nashville-based soul artist rounding up some of her close friends for a diverse celebration of dance and positivity. Now, Royale (whose off-stage name is Alanna Quinn-Broadus) is showing her serious side with a new song, “Cruel Cruel World,” off her forthcoming album So Bad You Can Taste It.

“We wanted to take away all the glam and lights and kiki of what you might think Alanna Royale is and give you the song itself and woman behind it,” Quinn-Broadus says of “Cruel Cruel World.” “Last year was a super dark time for me and i think that putting this song down and expressing what I had to work through in the video was my final step in getting out of that place. it was actually hard to watch the final edit. it took me right back to where I was, and I know I’m not the only person who’s been there.”

So Bad You Can Taste It is out August 3. Ten percent of album sales will benefit Just Us, a Nashville-based LGBTQ+ youth outreach program.

Watch the video for “Cruel Cruel World” below.