Rosanne Cash Releases Two New Tracks

Photo courtesy of the artist

After a five-year hiatus, Rosanne Cash breaks her silence with the release of two new songs in anticipation of her upcoming album She Remembers Everything. Set to release November 2, the album is emotional and vulnerable, as Cash sings of the traumas she’s endured during her time off.

The album’s title track “She Remembers Everything” recounts the struggles Cash has faced as a woman. She sings of the innocence she once had when it comes to not knowing about the inequality many women face.

In Cash’s second release, an emotional ballad titled “Everyone But Me,” she confronts the loss of her parents, Johnny Cash and Vivian Leberto. The song is raw, compelling and grief-stricken as she sings about the fragility often associated with life.

Listen to “She Remembers Everything” and “Everyone But Me” below.