D’Addario Launches The Beatles Yellow Submarine 50th Anniversary Collection

D’Addario’s Beatles Yellow Submarine accessories

Press Release:

D’Addario Accessories is excited to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Yellow Submarine animated movie with a guitar strap and pick collection, featuring art from the movie. This anniversary collection comes in a collectible tin with four straps and one pick pack with three different gauges.

The straps come in four designs printed on polyester. The designs are inspired by the appearance of each Beatle in the movie. The straps come in a commemorative tin that features art, characters, and imagery from the movie.

The picks come in five designs inspired by art from the film printed in 4-color on celluloid picks. They are available in three gauges: light, medium, and heavy.

The straps are retailed at $60.00 MSRP and available October 1, 2018.

John 50BYTS00 $60.00
Paul 50BYTS01 $60.00
George 50BYTS02 $60.00
Ringo 50BYTS03 $60.00


The picks are retailed at $11.00 MSRP and available October 1, 2018

Light 1CWH2-10B7 $11.00
Medium 1CWH4-10B7 $11.00
Heavy 1CWH6-10B7 $11.00