Caroline Spence: Married To The Mystery

Photo by Angelina Castillo In creative writing classes, students are often told to “write what you know.” But singer-songwriter Caroline Spence has discovered that it can be more fruitful to try to write what you don’t know. It’s only when you try to figure out what you don’t understand, what you can’t express, she says, that you one can find the surprising phrase, the phrases that allow you to finally express the feelings bottled up by the cork of wordlessness. A good example is the song “Sit Here And Love Me” from her new album Mint Condition. She had found herself having mood swings into anxiety and depression even when everything was seemingly going well, and she didn’t know how to explain that to her lover. If she couldn’t explain it through the give-and-take of conversation, maybe she could in a song. “I was driving down Wedgewood Avenue in Nashville in the middle of the afternoon,” she remembers, “when I saw the moon in the sky and thought, ‘Why’s that there? It’s not even close to night.’ It seemed as out of place as my little chapters of depression; it was a little bit of nighttime on a beautiful day. I…

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