David Crosby: Harder Not To Lie

Photo courtesy Sony Pictures Classics Don’t get David Crosby started on the state of the modern musical documentary. “You know how they make documentaries these days, man?” he asks. “They make these little shine jobs. You go to everybody famous that you’ve ever met. Stick a microphone in their face, so that you can use their name in the advertising. And they say how great you are. ‘Oh, then he discovered California and then he invented electricity and isn’t he cute?’ And it’s just disgusting. They’re really just the shallowest kind of shine job.” Rest assured that Remember My Name, the new documentary chronicling the life and art of Crosby, avoids those pitfalls. In sometimes harrowing footage, the harder times of Crosby’s life, from drug problems to personal tragedies to intra-band squabbles with Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and Neil Young, play out in the feature directed by AJ Eaton and co-produced by Cameron Crowe.  Yet Crosby insisted upon the warts-and-all approach, which thrilled his collaborators on the film. “AJ is a filmmaker and he wants to do honest,” Crosby tells American Songwriter in a wide-ranging interview. “Cameron is a filmmaker and he wants to look at an artist and tell…

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