Kacy & Clayton Announce New Album Carrying On

With a sound inspired by the rural Saskatchewan town Wood Mountain (population 20), Kacy & Clayton’s new album Carrying On is sure to attract your attention. The cousins will release their latest album on October 4th via New West Records. 

Jeff Tweedy, who produced the album, brought the pair to The Loft, Wilco’s Chicago studio, to record.

When discussing Carrying On, Tweedy said: “When I first heard Kacy and Clayton, I was struck by how much detail and nuance they had absorbed from what sounded like a large swath of my record collection … when I told them that they were as good as the artists they were drawing from, I’m not sure they believed me. On this record I don’t hear those influences as much as I hear them taking the things they love so intimately and telling their own story. I think they’re a truly great band.”

Along with their new album, the duo announced their tour dates, which will commence on the 27th of this month. They will tour in support of artists Dori Freeman and Ray LaMontagne. 

“This album has, by far, the most intense and confident performances we’ve ever done on the record, and we hope that intensity will be felt by the listener,” the band commented.

Listen to the title track Carrying On below.