#6: Shubb Capo

Deluxe S1 Capo for Steel String Guitar
LIST PRICE: $29.95


If you’re serious about your music, maybe you should think about getting a serious capo. Lately I’ve been getting frustrated with the couple of capos that I currently own. Not to mention any names … they’re not dependable, and they bend, mute and/or rattle certain strings. This just starts to boil my blood, honestly. So when Shubb sent over this deluxe capo, I was exhilarated with hope. I had never used one, but I had seen singer/songwriters that I enjoy using them.

This deluxe Shubb capo is stainless steel and has a new “roller design” upgrade that I immediately found to be flexible in the opening/closing process. Once you adjust the capo’s screw-spring for your selected guitar, you really don’t have to fiddle with it anymore—unless you switch guitars. Most importantly, it has none of the aforementioned performance issues. It simply works like it’s supposed to.

If you’re one of these people (as I am) who goes for the $10 gas station sunglasses over the $100 Sunglasses Hut pair because you think they’re all the same, or you think you’ll lose ‘em anyway, then you should change your thinking when it comes to capos. Luckily there isn’t a huge price gap here. Get a best-of-breed one like the Shubb and don’t lose it.


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