#7: “Learn & Master Guitar With Steve Krenz”


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Legacy Learning Systems Guitar Cover

Sometimes people will develop a passion for songwriting before learning an instrument to complement their lyrics and melodies. But a majority of writers do eventually turn to the singer-songwriter’s bread-and-butter: the guitar. For these beginners, Legacy Learning Systems offers an excellent musical life raft with the acclaimed instructional system “Learn & Master Guitar with Steve Krenz.” This extensive package includes twenty DVDs and five play-along CDs, as well as a thorough instruction book.

L&MG’s many teaching strengths begin, first off, with Krenz himself, a consummate pro who is well paced and straightforward in his teaching technique. Krenz’s system is also versatile, offering instruction in various guitar styles from fingerstyle to jazz and blues, with each lesson divided into easy-to-digest pieces. Better yet, the system has enough focused instruction to be a valuable learning resource for experienced guitarists too. And numerous lessons are particularly useful to songwriters, such as advanced chord shapes and the logic behind connecting pentatonic scales, both of which can offer ample inspiration in crafting songs.

In the end, L&MG makes good on its promise: if a person follows the instructions and practices within the system, he or she will become a competent guitarist. However, superior instruction does come with a hefty price tag in a world of endless online tablature to squint your eyes at and myriad free lessons on sharing sites like YouTube. In my opinion though, beginning guitarists would be better served having never picked up a guitar than relying on the shaky advice of web amateurs, which almost always lack a basis in the fundamentals of playing. “Learn & Master Guitar with Steve Krenz” provides those fundamentals and more, giving any aspiring songwriter the tools to express their words on strings.


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