Album Premiere: Carsie Blanton, Not Old, Not New


The Artist: New Orleans singer-songwriter Carsie Blanton
The Album: Not Old, Not New, a collection of pre-bebop era classics, June 24.
Fun Fact: Blanton states on her website  that “Music is not a commodity and songs do not cost 99 cents,” and lets fans name their own price to purchase her songs.
Songwriter Says: “This record is a celebration of beautiful songs. As a songwriter, a well-crafted song moves and impresses me like little else. I always have my ears out for songs that are honest, smart, playful and subtle – especially the ones that hit your heart (and/or your nether regions) before your head. The early half of the 20th century was, in many ways, the golden age of this kind of songwriting in America. I wanted to make a record to showcase some of my favorites of those songs, and to wrap them in the kind of sultry, subtle warmth that lets the listener relax into them. Play it while you throw a classy dinner party or make sweet, sweet love.”




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