App Review: AmpliTube Fender

AmpliTube Fender iOS
List Price: $14.99

The Italian software company IK Multimedia is shrewdly making all their award-winning plug-ins available for iOS. As we’ve witnessed at trade shows, making music on tablets and smartphones is the next wave in music production. We’ve already taken a look at AmpliTube’s first and second generation apps for iOS, as well as their handy guitar interface, iRig. Recently, the company has re-envisioned their AmpliTube Fender software plug-in as an app for the iPhone and iPad. It’s basically a similar version of the updated AmpliTube 2 app. But, as in the desktop version of AmpliTube Fender, IK partnered with the legendary guitar and amp company to create classic guitar tones for on-the-go use. The app comes with five Fender amps, including a ‘59 Bassman, Twin Reverb, Pro Junior, ‘65 Deluxe Reverb, and Supersonic. That’s a pretty solid representation of Fender amplification, though it would have been cool to see something like the recently-reissued Fender Custom Shop Champ ’57. In addition to the amps, there are six stomp box effects, including Blender, Phaser, Tape Echo, Compressor, Overdrive, and Noise Filter. One of the big additions in AmpliTube Fender is a single track recorder with up to four tracks for iPhone and eight tracks for iPad, as well as a Master Effects mixing section. Similar features to AmpliTube 2 include playing along with songs in your iTunes and a Speedtrainer that can alter the speed (-50% or +200%) without altering pitch. Playing with the amp section makes even more sense with an iPad because the amp face controls are almost life-sized. While there’s still the inevitable hint of digitalia in the tones you get, the sounds are pretty killer – definitely good enough that Fender signed off on them.


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