6 Best Advanced Guitar Lessons of 2023

Whether you’re feeling a bit rusty or want to learn some new techniques, an advanced guitar lesson is always a great idea for veteran players. You may be a pro at playing, but still have areas that could benefit from lessons. We rounded up 6 of the best online guitar lessons for intermediate and advanced players. Various courses include fingerpicking, distortion pedals, and more.

1. Advanced Blues Lessons

Your interest will be piqued here if you’re an intermediate or advanced player looking to improve and master blues theory, scales, chords, phrasing, and improvisation. Even a pro has a few things to perfect when it comes to music theory and fretboard comprehension.

Best Guitar Lessons for Advanced Players

2. Guitar Songs: 6 Iconic Guitar Riffs

Everyone wants to be able to play a familiar riff. Whether it’s from the ’70s, ’80s, or today, guitarists are inspired by riffs. Marc Barnacle teaches you how to play “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones, “Oh, Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison, “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes, “Killin in the Name” by Rage Against the Machine, “Black in Black” by AC/DC, and “Message in a Bottle” by The Police. All riffs are beginner and intermediate-friendly, so if you’re just barely getting into advanced courses, this is a great start to discover some riff ability.

Best Guitar Lessons for Advanced Players

3. Ultimate guide to overdrive and distortion pedals

This class is for all levels, however, many beginners or even intermediate guitarists may not be too familiar with drives, distortions, or pre-amplifiers. If you’re an advanced player, this is a great starting point for them. Learn how they work, where to place them, and how you can control them. Pedal reviews may not answer all of your questions, but this course will answer plenty of them.

Best Guitar Lessons for Advanced Players

4. Classical Guitar Essentials – Advanced Pro

With 2.5 hours of video, you’ll have plenty of knowledge on how to improve your classical guitar skills. If you’re a beginner or barely studying intermediate materials, you may want to wait until you’re ready for advanced-level work. The course consists of 3 pieces—“Lagrima” by Francisco Tarrega, “Romance” and “Allegro Op.40 No.6” by Mauro Giuliani. All songs are well-known in the classical guitar world. Be sure you know how to read sheet music before purchasing!

Best Guitar Lessons for Advanced Players

5. Guitar Jam Method

Dan Dresnok created this course for the guitarist who may be a little bored. Intermediate and advanced courses require lots of discipline, and for some, learning new techniques is pretty easy when you’re practicing a lot. Switch things up with a creative jam course. This will give you a creative boost when you’re running out of things to play. Learn how to control your rhythm and strumming to improve soloing and jamming. (Your bandmates will love you even more after taking this course.) This course has 3.5 hours of on-demand video tutorials.

Best Guitar Lessons for Advanced Players

6. Complete Fingerstyle Guitar – Advanced Fingerpicking

Here’s a fantastic course dedicated to getting you to advanced-level fingerpicking. Eric Andreas has toured with Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, and many more notable musicians. His experience and special knowledge will help you learn new techniques so you’ll play full-fingerstyle songs with ease. With an average rating of 4.8 stars, you can bet that his teachings are effective. Students are leaving rave reviews about this course.

Best Guitar Lessons for Advanced Players

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