10 Best CD Storage Options of 2024

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I listen to the majority of music through Spotify or SiriusXM. However, every now and then I'll listen to my CDs. When I got my first job in high school, I started collecting them. Hastings was my go-to for discounted CDs. While I was forced to say farewell to the beloved store, I couldn't say goodbye to my collection. The closing of the store only made my attachment to them stronger. It was then I realized that streaming was taking over. So, I made it a goal to keep my CD collection in the best shape possible because like vinyl, CDs will make a comeback.

1. CollectorMount CD Mount Wall Frame Display

Best CD Storage Options

Many of my CDs are from my favorite record store in Austin, Waterloo Records. I think my dad buying those CDs for me makes them more special than the ones I bought (because we do NOT have the same taste in music). If I were to display any CDs in my apartment, it'd probably be those. Looks like Arcade Fire, Coldplay, and Cage the Elephant will be part of my new decor. Which CDs will you be showing off? You can buy in packs of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. No assembly is required.

2. Kingfisher Lane Wood Full Queen Bookcase Headboard in White

Best CD Storage Options

I have a few special signed CDs and merch from The Killers and MGMT that I'll hold close to me. Literally. I bought this headboard last year so I could have some of my favorite CDs out for easy access. It definitely added the "indie sleaze" aesthetic I was going for. This is a great option if you keep a classic vintage CD player in your bedroom for listening to music throughout the day in a stylish environment. The shelves are adjustable and will need some assembly. Keep in mind that the bed is sold separately and it's compatible with full and queen-sized beds.

3. Atlantic Mitsu 2-Tier Media Rack - 52 CDs

Best CD Storage Options

I love this option because it's space-saving and also great for DVDs. I started buying concert DVDs in middle school, and I'm so glad I have some still. I'll never get rid of my Linkin Park one since I never got to see Chester Bennington in concert. If you have a CD and concert DVD collection, this is perfect. You can fit 52 CDs or 36 DVDs. Get it for $10.67.

4. alavisxf xx CD Holder, 72 Capacity CD/DVD Case Holder

Best CD Storage Options

This is a standard CD case, perfect for travel. Keep up to 72 of your favorite tunes in this case. It's under $11 and will also come in handy for CDs or DVDs with missing cases. Choose from over 13 different colors.

5. Evelots 4 Pack CD Storage Bags

Best CD Storage Options

If you have a huge collection that gets moved around a bunch, consider this set of four storage bags. This is a great option for large closets and storage units. Super easy to transport thanks to the carry handles. Each bag has 50 slots, so you can store up to 200 CDs.

6. Iris Large Media Storage Box

Best CD Storage Options

The Container Store will be one of your favorite places to shop if you're looking to become organized this year. This media storage box can hold up to 120 CDs, 54 DVDs, 30 VHS vapes, or pictures. They're stackable, so if you buy a few your closet or storage unit will look nice and neat. Take advantage of the adjustable dividers to separate your media.

7. Encore Bookcase White

Best CD Storage Options

Ladder bookcases are some of my favorite home decor pieces right now. They look great in just about any room. You can stack CDs, and DVDs, and even decorate with pictures here. Great for a cozy vibe. They're pretty versatile, so if you decide to use them in a different room for other items, it'll work.

8. SOOWERY Mid-Century Modern Nightstand with Charging Station

Best CD Storage Options

Anything mid-century just goes with entertainment (at least to me). This nightstand also makes for great storage in your bedroom or living room. You'll love that it comes with 2 built-in ports for charging your laptops and phones. Put some of your favorite CDs inside the nightstand for easy access. Place this adorable compact CD player from Amazon on top of it and enjoy your favorite throwbacks.

9. STORi Stackable Clear Plastic CD Organizer

Best CD Storage Options

This small organizer is great for the minimalist who just needs their CDs out of boxes and neatly on a desk or table. Place up to 30 CDs inside the holder. There are 4 rubber feet on the bottom to keep the organizer in place. Get it for $16.99.

10. Harmony HCCD100 100 Jewel or 300 Sleeve CD Transport Road Case

Best CD Storage Options

Keep your CDs travel-ready with this flight case. It'll hold up to 100 CDs or 300 sleeves. Great for keeping your CD cases from getting crushed. There are two other sizes available in case you need enough space for 150-320 CDs.

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