5 Best Drum Mic Kits of 2024

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Choosing a drum mic kit can be tough. Mics are a must for studio and touring musicians, and you want to make sure you have a quality kit to amplify the sound of your snare, bass, toms, and cymbals. These picks are a mixture of affordable and pricey kits. See which drum mic kit will work best for your gigs or recording sessions.

1. Shure DMK57-52 Drum Microphone Kit

best drum mic kits

Shure is one of the best in the game when it comes to mics. To no surprise, their DMK57-52 kit tops the list. The kit comes with 3 SM57s and a Beta 52A for the kick. Your snare and toms will have industry-standard audio without paying the price. Position the mics to drum rims, mic stands, or cymbal stands. This kit is under $450, which is pretty affordable compared to many quality kits. You won't be disappointed with this mic kit.

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2. Behringer BC1200 Professional 7-piece Drum Microphone Set

best drum mic kits

Behringer's mics are usually half the price of their competitors. This 7-piece mic set is under $130 and comes with everything you need for perfect recording sessions. The KM1200 kick mic will give you a loud, full sound that will make everyone in the studio happy. 4 TM1200 mics will deliver a quality sound from your snares and toms. As for the cymbals, 2 CM1200 mics will make you wonder why this set isn't worth way more than $129.

3. Earthworks DK7 Drum Kit System

best drum mic kits

Earthworks has a sweet kit available for anyone looking to splurge. The kit comes with 4 DM20 mics for your toms and snare, 2 SR25 cardioids for cymbals, and an SR20LS for your bass drum. This is a great option if you're looking for top-notch audio for recording and venues. Some call it the best drum mic kit they've used yet and are shocked by how clear they sound. What makes Earthworks mics so special is that they're quick and catch everything the drummer is putting into their music. Even Ronnie Vanucci Jr. (The Killers) loves them. Also, if you've taken a Drumeo class, this is what you're used to hearing. Quality sound, right?

4. Audix DP7 7-piece Drum Microphone Package

best drum mic kits

Audix's 7-piece kit comes with the D6 mic for the bass drum, D2 & D4 mics for toms, an i5 for the snare, and 2 ADX51s for cymbals. A little bit about their mics: the D6 is perfect for extended low-frequency sounds, which is why it makes a great kick mic. As for the D2 & D4, and the i5, they deliver natural and accurate sound—exactly what you'll want for percussion.

5. Samson DK707 7-piece Drum Microphone Kit

best drum mic kits

Samson's DK707 is another quality pick that's affordable. This kit is $299.99 and delivers quality sound from their Q71 kick mic, 4 Q72 dynamic mics (perfect for snares and toms), and 2 C02 pencil condensers. Drummers are very pleased with the quality considering the price. You don't always have to break the bank on a good mic kit. Consider this kit if you're on the hunt for your very first drum mic kit.

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