25 Best Gifts for Musicians: Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Music Lovers

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It’s that time of year! You’re shopping around for the perfect stocking stuffers for the musician or music lover on your list. This can be stressful, especially for non-musicians.

Music equipment preferences can be very personal – how can you be sure what the best gift might be?  

Luckily, we’ve picked out some awesome stocking stuffers for musicians of all kinds that are sure to land you on Santa’s “Nice” list.

Whether it’s a new interface for an aspiring producer, a microphone upgrade for a vocalist or podcaster, or some cool accessories for a guitar player, we’ve got you covered with the best selections from Sweetwater.

And...Sweetwater has guaranteed Christmas delivery until December 20th, so don't miss your last chance to get the perfect gift.

You can’t go wrong with any of these great gifts for music lovers:

Best Gifts For Recording Music

1. Best for Vocalists – Shure SM7dB Active Dynamic Microphone


  • Microphone Type: Dynamic
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz-20kHz
  • Features: Cardioid polar pattern, built-in active preamp, high-pass filter, 18/28dB boost, preamp bypass switch, presence boost

The Shure SM7B has gained quite a reputation since it came out in the early 1970s. It’s gone through a few iterations over the decades, with the SM7dB being the latest and greatest. This microphone offers incredible versatility, boasting some unique and useful features that can only add to this legendary line’s mystique.

A built-in active preamp ensures the output signal is always strong, and it has a switchable gain boost of +18dB or +28 dB. If you’re looking for the classic sound of the SM7B, the preamp can be bypassed altogether. For EQ it features a dual-tone control with a high-pass filter and presence boost. The presence boost is especially useful for taming bright sources.

For a dynamic microphone, the SM7dB is very versatile. While it’s best known for capturing vocals in music production and broadcast, it sounds great on guitars, bass, and drums, too – it’s a highly underrated mic choice for snare drum recording.

The onboard preamp ensures you always have a strong signal, and the dual-tone control lets you tailor the frequency curve to whatever source you need to capture.

2. Best for Content Creators – Rode Wireless GO II Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System

Rode Wireless GO II Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System


  • Range: Up to 200m with line of sight
  • Accessories: Windshields, storage pouch, TRS to 3.5mm TRS cable, USB-C to USB-A cable, clothing clips

Are you shopping for a content creator or filmmaker? If you want to help a special someone turn that hobby into a full-time job, the Wireless GO II might be exactly what you’re looking for.

The compact transmitters offer dual ⅛” inputs for connecting lavalier mics, and they come with onboard omnidirectional mics if you want to use less gear. Since they have such a small footprint, they easily attach to a camera mount strap and even work well clipped onto whatever you’re wearing.

Running out of juice won’t be an issue with the USB-C rechargeable battery that offers up to seven hours on a full charge. Battery-saver mode provides even more life when you’re not actively using it.

For on-the-go field work, the Wireless GO 2 is a convenient, affordable choice. The battery offers a good charge lifespan, and the 128-bit encryption is secure and reliable. And with more than 40 hours of storage space on the internal memory, you don’t have to worry about running out of room when everything is rolling.

3. Best For Pro Sound Engineers - Trinnov etherCON 3D Measurement Microphone


  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-24kHz
  • Connector: Ethercon

If the person you're shopping for has their own recording studio, chances are they have just about everything they want already. But there's one thing they probably didn't know they need, and that's a Trinnov etherCON 3D Measurement Microphone.

This microphone uses complex algorithms in conjunction with four omnidirectional microphone elements to optimize your speaker setup, helping you to dial in your studio for ideal monitoring conditions.

Having your control room dialed in for perfect monitoring is the final step to completing your professional studio. If you want to change your beloved studio junkie's life in ways they never knew possible, consider stuffing their stocking with one of these bad boys.

4. Best Studio Secret Weapon - Universal Audio SC-1 Standard Condenser Microphone with Hemisphere Mic Modeling


  • Microphone Type: Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Connector: XLR

With the UA SC-1 Condenser Mic, you can help your music-obsessed loved one level up their recording game in a major way. This versatile microphone packs onboard modeling technology that will allow them to harness the sounds of eight legendary studio mics, all in one package.

If you're shopping for someone who is always looking for ways to improve their home studio, look no further than the SC-1. Hemisphere's mic modeling not only allows you access to eight iconic mics, but you can also virtually control the axis, proximity, and more even after you've already finished tracking.

You can spend thousands of dollars and hours of time tracking down pricey vintage mics -- or you can get your hands on a Universal Audio SC-1 and harness them all at once.

5. Best Premium Studio Mic - Royer SF-12 25th Anniversary Stereo Ribbon Microphone


  • Microphone Type: Ribbon
  • Ribbon Type: 1.8-micron Aluminum
  • Mono/Stereo: Mono
  • Polar Pattern: Symmetrical Figure-8

If you're looking for something to gift a loved one who records a lot of drums and guitars, and even string ensembles, you can really level up their operation by gifting them this premium ribbon microphone from Grammy Award-winning manufacturer Royer.

The Royer SF-12 promises flawless reproduction of any audio source with incredible stereo separation and imaging. Onboard active electronics ensure that there will be no distortion up to 130dB.

Make the producer or engineer in your life's dreams come true with this truly premium ribbon microphone. With its top-notch clarity and imaging, the Royer SF-12 will allow anyone to make their own Grammy-worthy recordings.

6. Best for Singer/Songwriters – Focusrite Scarlett Solo 4th Gen USB Audio Interface

Focusrite Scarlett Solo 4th Gen USB Audio Interface


  • Bit depth and Sample Rate: 24-bit, 192kHz
  • I/O: 2 inputs, 2 outputs
  • Features: Studio-grade  converters, Air Mode adds presence, hi-Z direct input, 120 dB dynamic range, bundled plugin suite

Sometimes, a compact, feature-rich interface is all you need to create great sounds. If you want to boost a budding engineer, songwriter, or producer’s confidence, look no further than the new Scarlett Solo.

Focusrite packed a lot into this 2-in/2-out desktop interface. It offers XLR and ¼” inputs, dual ¼” outputs, and a single headphone out. A loopback function lets you route music from mobile apps into your DAW through virtual inputs, and the hi-Z input means you don’t have to drag a direct box to your sessions.

The converters are similar to those in Focusrite’s high-end RedNet system and boast a 120dB dynamic range. Getting a clean sound is easy, thanks to the 4th generation preamp. Plus, it offers an Air Mode that adds harmonics and an additional high-end boost that simulates the sound of an analog console.

It’s USB-C bus-powered, which helps to reduce excess clutter in your studio space. As if these streamlined features aren’t impressive enough, it also comes with a bundle of music software plugins that includes Auto-Tune Access, amplifier simulations, virtual instruments, and the Red 2 and 3 plugin suite, in addition to other types of processing.

7. Best for Aspiring Engineers – Universal Audio Volt 2 USB-C Audio Interface

Universal Audio Volt 2 USB-C Audio Interface


  • Bit depth and Sample Rate: 24-bit, 192kHz
  • I/O: 2-in/2-out, MIDI
  • Features: Vintage Preamp Mode provides tube-like signal dynamics, direct monitoring with no latency, includes software bundle

Universal Audio makes some of the best interfaces on the market for professional musicians and hobbyists alike. With top-notch conversion, an ergonomic footprint, and enabled access to the best-in-class UA suite of plugins, they’re almost a no-brainer choice. 

The Volt 2 is a budget-friendly interface with dual inputs and outputs. Both analog inputs are a take on those in UA’s 610 tube preamp, and Both offer hi-Z modes and a global 48v phantom power.

Switching into Vintage Preamp Mode adds tube-flavored harmonics and saturation to the signal that sounds great on microphone and line-level sources. And if you’re integrating external preamps, you can bypass the Volt so no coloration is added.

For monitoring, the 22-watt headphone amp can drive even high-impedance cans easily. Direct monitoring means that latency concerns are a nonissue, and you can monitor from the interface or DAW. 

And this gift just keeps on giving: it comes with bundled software that includes Ableton Live Lite, Melodyne Essential, guitar and bass amp simulations, and the do-it-all Relab reverb.

Best Gifts for Guitarists

8. Best for Electric Guitarists – Peterson StroboStomp Mini Pedal Tuner

Peterson StroboStomp Mini Pedal Tuner


  • Tuner Type: Chromatic strobe tuner
  • Tuner Format: Pedal
  • Features: C0 - A#8 tuning range, .1 cent accuracy, 25 tuning modes, buffered or true bypass switching

Let’s face it – you love the aspiring guitarist in your life, but they could definitely use a tune-up every now and then.

Strobe tuners are regarded as the most accurate type, and now you can bring Peterson’s expert strobe tuning technology to their pedalboard without taking up too much space. The StroboStomp Mini runs on the same technology as their HD model and provides incredible accuracy of +/- .1 cent.

One of the best features is the incredible 25 tuning modes that support nearly any stringed instrument from guitar and bass, banjo, and mandolin, as well as offers a number of drop tunings, extended range tunings, and more. Its Concert A reference point can be varied from 390Hz to 490Hz, making it one of the best pedal tuners regardless of the pitch standard being used.

Bypass is selectable between buffered or true, and you can set it to mute or pass audio when engaged. If you want it to be “always on,” a third monitor mode runs in buffered bypass and keeps the display active. Through the Peterson Connect app, you can update firmware and design and organize tuning presets to shorten tuning time.

An ultra-high-definition LCD display with adjustable LED colors means you won’t have visibility problems no matter where you are. Due to its precise accuracy, it’s great for intonating instruments, too, which is why you often see strobe tuners on tech benches and in workshops.

When it comes to tuning technology, Peterson has always been at the top. If someone you know might need a tuner that’s as compact as it is efficient, the Strobo Stomp Mini is the perfect stocking stuffer.

9. Best Premium Pick for Electric Guitarists – Line 6 HX One Guitar Multi-effects Floor Processor

Line 6 HX One Guitar Multi-effects Floor Processor


  • Pedal Type: Digital multi-effect
  • I/O: 2-in/2-out, MIDI, USB, USB-C
  • Features: 268 effects, 128 presets, looper, expression control, switchable bypass, adjustable input impedance

The reputation of Line 6 multi-effects has come a long way over the years. From humble origins as a staple of many beginners’ gear arsenals, Line 6 has grown to a highly respected brand in its own right through its embrace and implementation of the latest modeling technologies. 

Now, their HX line is regarded as some of their best gear to date. The series comes in many iterations, and the HXOne is a small floor unit that punches above its weight class for sheer versatility.

With a staggering amount of sounds inside this pedalboard-friendly stompbox, you won’t have any problems finding your sound. It boasts over 250 effects from the HX engine that works like a regular pedal, with one effect active at a time. 128 preset slots let you save and easily recall them.

For a multi-effect that offers so many sounds, the interface couldn’t be more user-friendly. Each effect is dialed in through three control knobs, and a dual purpose Tap/Flux switch gives access to additional layers of settings and tap tempo functionality. And with adjustable input impedance, it’s tailor-made to work with all types and styles of pickups.

Robust I/O provides stereo inputs and outputs, MIDI in and out/thru, and a USB-C port that lets you update the firmware as needed and grants access to Line 6’s HX One Preset Librarian for storing, organizing, and sharing sounds with the vibrant community of effects enthusiasts. Bypass is selectable between true and buffered/DSP, so it fits nicely in with however your pedalboard is configured.

The Line 6 HXOne will be sure to please guitarists of all genre preferences and experience levels. If you want to stuff your loved one’s stocking with something extra special this year, you can’t do much better than this amazing multi-fx pedal from Line 6.

10. Best for Rock Guitarists – MXR Duke of Tone Overdrive Pedal

MXR Duke of Tone Overdrive Pedal


  • Pedal Type: Analog overdrive
  • Controls: Drive, Tone, Gain, Overdrive/Boost/Distortion switch
  • Features: Collaboration between MXR and Analog Man

The Prince of Tone and its sonic daddy, the King of Tone, are two of the most revered overdrive pedals in the boutique guitar effects world. Designed in direct collaboration with Analog Mike from Analog Man and venerated pedal giant MXR, the Duke of Tone puts multiple overdrive options into a mini pedal format that slides easily into any pedalboard layout.

It’s got the 3-knob control setup of most overdrives with gain, tone, and volume. But the real tone shaping comes via the 3-way selector switch.

With the versatile overdrive the Analog Man Tone series is known for, an uncolored boost with enough headroom to stack with any additional style of overdrive and high-gain distortion, you won’t have any issues integrating it into your existing gain pedal architecture. All settings work well regardless of your choice of guitars and amplifiers.

Collaborations between established pedal manufacturers and boutique builders have become popular in recent years, and the Duke of Tone is one of the shining examples of why they exist in the first place. And regardless of how you dial it in, you can run it at 18v for even more clarity and headroom.

11. Best for Silent Guitar Practice – Fender Mustang Micro Headphone Guitar Amp

MustMicro - Fender Mustang Micro Headphone Guitar Amp


  • Amplifier Type: Headphone Amp
  • Wattage: 30 milli-watts
  • Features: 12 amp models, 13 effects, adjustable EQ, Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable battery

Amps have gotten smaller, but that doesn’t mean they have to skimp on features. The Mustang Micro is a combination headphone amp and USB interface that offers 12 of Fender’s GTX amplifier models and 13 effects models, so you won’t have any issues quickly dialing in your favorite tones on the go.

Audio from mobile devices can be streamed through Bluetooth, though it only works with hardwired headphones. But through the ⅛” input, it accepts studio-grade headphones and even in-ear monitors!

The rechargeable battery provides 4-6 consecutive hours of operation on a single charge. But it also doubles as a USB-C interface, so if you want to quickly lay down ideas, all it takes is connecting it to your computer. It works well as a backup for live performance, too, as you can just connect it, dial in your sound, and not have to worry about lengthy setup times.

12. Make Tuning Fun - Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner Pedal


  • Type: Chromatic
  • Instrument: Guitar, bass
  • Format: Pedal
  • Bypass: Four bypass modes

If you're a visual learner or even have a touch of synesthesia, The Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner pedal is the tuner for you. This tuner's stunning full-color LCD display, incredible accuracy, and seemingly endless customizability make it ideal for those who like getting in tune, staying in tune, and, well, pretty colors.

Choose between needle and strobe modes, rotate and select custom colors for the display, and even upload a screen saver (!) for when you're not engaged. For those concerned about their signal integrity, the Canvas tuner features four bypass modes, including true and buffered bypass.

Tune faster and more accurately with the unique TrueAssist feature, and rest assured that you're staying in tune with the beautiful full-color customizable display. This tuner is a no-brainer gift for any guitarist or bassist who is a little more in touch with their visual side.

13. Best For Aspiring Country Outlaws - Fender Waylon Jennings Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal


  • Pedal Type: Phaser
  • Analog/Digital: Analog
  • True Bypass: Yes

If the guitarist in your life also happens to be a country music lover, you can't go wrong with the Fender Waylon Jennings Phaser pedal. This pedal, inspired by outlaw country pioneer Waylon Jennings, supplies Jennings' signature phaser effect so pickers can cop classic outlaw tone.

This pedal is no one-trick pony, though, with three separate phaser stages and a "Sweet" switch that can lock your tone into the sweet spot of the phase. Get Waymore's signature tone and much more, all in a stylishly designed and heavy-duty Fender enclosure.

14. Best Secret Weapon For Electric Guitarists - Nobels ODR-1 Natural Overdrive Pedal - 30th-anniversary Gold


  • Pedal Type: Overdrive
  • Analog/Digital: Analog
  • Bypass: Buffered

If you're looking for the Holy Grail of overdrive tone for your guitar-obsessed loved one, you've found it in the Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive.

This is the pedal that Nashville session players swear by for a combination of transparent overdrive with mid-forward gain that can transform any single-coil guitar into a fat humbucker-like scream machine and back again at the stomp of a footswitch.

This pedal is widely considered in professional circles to be one of the best-kept secrets of real working session guitarists. Give your loved one a look inside this coveted society with the purchase of this versatile, game-changing overdrive pedal.

15. Best For Experimental Guitarists - Electro-Harmonix Deep Freeze Sound Retainer Effects Pedal


  • Pedal Type: Sound Retainer
  • Analog/Digital: Digital
  • Bypass: Buffered

If you know your loved one is a guitarist, but the sounds you hear emanating from their bedroom sound like anything but a guitar, then this is the gift for them.

The Electro-Harmonix Deep Freeze pedal "freezes" guitar sounds in time, allowing them to sustain infinitely like an organ or synth. It's ideal for creating soundscapes and getting experimental in general, perfect for creative guitarists who love to sculpt sounds for hours at a time.

If the music the guitarist in your life creates has more in common with a recording of whale sounds than it does with a Chuck Berry guitar solo, look no further for their gift. This neat little pedal will provide hours of inspiration and entertainment in the right hands.

16. Best for Experimental Musicians – Boss RC-1 Loop Station Looper Pedal

Boss RC-1 Loop Station Looper Pedal


  • Pedal Type: Looper
  • I/O: Stereo in/out
  • Features: –

BOSS’ RC line is pretty much the shining example of what looper pedals are capable of. It’s not just great for guitar but works equally well on bass, synths, keyboards, and even vocals with the right setup. 

The layout consists of mono and stereo connections, which goes a long way when it comes to adding it to your existing pedal chain. A 24-segment LED readout changes colors and rotation speeds that indicate the mode and status that you’re working in. A single-level control sets the overall output volume.

Looper pedals can be understandably tricky to use, and with the RC-1 BOSS aims to reduce those headaches to provide a seamless experience that focuses on ease of use and efficiency. An external footswitch input allows for more real-time use. Onboard memory retains the last phrase recorded to it, a great help when using it for songwriting.

Best Gifts for Gigging Musicians

17. Best For Synth Heads - Behringer Pro VS Mini Hybrid Vector Synthesizer


  • Type: Synthesizer Module
  • Analog/Digital: Hybrid
  • Number of Keys: 27

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a synth fanatic this holiday season, you can't go wrong with the Behringer Pro VS Mini Hybrid Vector Synthesizer.

This joystick-driven, 4-voice hybrid synth features 16 vector oscillators with 128 waveforms, a 16-step sequencer and 3-pattern arpeggiator, and a 24dB lowpass filter for iconic Behringer synth tone. If that's greek to you, just know that it won't be to the synth lover in your life!

This fun-sized synth provides classic vector synth tones, plus tons of modern connectivity options (sync, 5-pin MIDI, USB-C port) that allow for retro sounds in modern applications. The Behringer Pro VS Mini is a perfect starter synth for newbies, as well as a wonderful travel partner for any synth lover.

18. Best for Gigging Acoustic Guitarists - Neumann MCM 114 Set Miniature Clip Mic System for Guitar


  • Microphone Type: Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Included Accessories: 1 x KK 14 Capsule Head, 1 x Gooseneck, 1 x 1/8" Cable, 1 x Windscreen, 1 x Guitar Clip, 1 x Case

Revolutionize your loved one's live sound with a Neumann MCM 114 Mic System. Amplifying acoustic guitar in a live setting is one of the greatest unsolved challenges in live entertainment. Pickups are quacky and always leave something to be desired, failing to capture the beauty of acoustic instruments' sound.

That's where the Neumann MCM 114 comes into play. Rather than a pickup, it's a clip-on mini condenser mic that will capture the instrument's true sound, without requiring any alterations to your valued guitar. The MCM 114 is fully adjustable and will fit any instrument, plus the gooseneck design minimizes annoying cable tangles.

This mic is not just for guitars, by the way -- it makes a great gift for the ukulele, cello, or dobro player in your life!

19. Best For Serious Road Dogs - Xvive U4 Wireless In-ear Monitoring System


  • Frequency Range: 2.4 GHz
  • Stereo/Mono: Mono
  • Operating Range: 90 ft. Line-of-sight

If your loved one is one of the select few who is making a living (or not) putting in hard hours on the road, let us begin by saying we're sorry. But if that's the life they've chosen, you have no choice but to be supportive. And there's no better way to support them than by making their day-to-day onstage operations better with an Xvive U4 Wireless In-ear Monitoring System.

This rechargeable battery-powered in-ear monitoring system includes a U4 wireless transmitter and beltpack receiver that work in conjunction with the in-ear monitors of your choice for easy, comfortable monitoring with up to 90 feet of range. The large knurled knob makes adjusting levels a breeze with not so much as a downward glance.

Free the touring musician in your life from the tyranny of the sound engineer forever by giving them the gift of a Xvive U4 Wireless In-ear Monitoring System this holiday season!

20. Don't Forget - Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating Earphones


  • Type: Wired
  • Connectivity: 1/8" plug
  • Fit Style: In-ear
  • Drivers: Single Dynamic Micro-driver

Think of this as a "Part 2" to entry #24. If you're gifting the Xvive U4 monitoring system, you're going to want to include this important accessory.

These comfortable and durable earphones are the perfect in-ear monitors for life on the road. The SE215's sound-isolating design is perfect for the stage as well as recreational listening thanks to their super-comfortable and customizable sleeves. Plus, Shure's MicroDriver technology means you get incredible reproduction in a wide range of frequencies.

Complete the gift of onstage freedom for your loved one by including a set of Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating Earphones in their stocking this holiday season.

Best Gifts for Musicians Under $50

21. Best for Ukulele Players – Snark ST-8 Titanium Super Tight Chromatic All-instrument Tuner

Snark ST-8 Titanium Super Tight Chromatic All-instrument Tuner


  • Tuner Type: Chromatic
  • Tuner Format: Clip-on contact tuner
  • Features: 415Hz-466Hz reference pitch, flat tuning mode, 360-degree LCD display

Clip-on contact tuners have a distinct advantage in that they’re not influenced by sympathetic vibrations or other disruptive environmental elements. This isn’t true for all designs, but it certainly is with the ST-8. Snark went the extra mile and added titanium inside the tuner cabinet and a rubber sound shield on the exterior.

It’s perfect for guitar, bass, ukulele, and other string instruments, with a pitch calibration that ranges from 415Hz to 466Hz. The tuning response is fast, making it just as handy for tuning during a song as it is for tuning between them. Flat tuning mode ensures accuracy for going below standard A440.

Accurate, isolated, sturdy, convenient, and reliable are just some of the things that describe the Snark ST-8. A USB rechargeable battery means you won’t have to worry about button batteries anymore, and the bright display with 360-degree rotation provides perfect visibility no matter how you prefer to use it. It makes a great stocking stuffer, too!

22. Best For Drummers - Promark Nick D'Virgilio Signature Drumsticks


  • Material: Hickory
  • Size: 5AB
  • Length: 16"

The Promark Nick D'Virgilio Signature Drumsticks are carefully engineered down to every detail to optimize playability, durability, and style for drummers of almost any background. Sweetwater's own drum expert Nick D'Virgilio collaborated with Promark to design these signature drumsticks, and a glance at his resume will prove that he knows what he's talking about.

The NDV Signatures feature a unique 5AB profile, giving you the powerful feel of 5Bs but the nimble fluidity of 5As. This basically amounts to a versatility that will allow drummers to work in a variety of genres without having to change sticks.

If the drummer in your life goes through sticks like a woodchuck, give these a try. Their solid hickory construction ensures durability, and we think they'll make a 5AB convert of just about anyone.

23. Best Budget Pick for Guitarists – Ernie Ball Axis Capo

AxisCapoBlk – Ernie Ball Axis Capo - Black


  • Best for: Guitar
  • Material: Rubber and aluminum
  • Radius: Flat and curved

Capos are one of the most useful guitar accessories. By moving a guitar’s pitch, they allow access to complex keys using simple chords that just aren’t possible without one. While there are an overwhelming amount of options, we think Ernie Ball’s Axis is one of the most versatile and makes a great stocking stuffer for any guitarist.

The dual radius design works equally well with radiused and flat fretboards, providing secure, efficient contact regardless of the fretboard design. It’s so versatile that it even works with fretboard widths that range from extended-range guitars to ukuleles. It’s also wider than most capos and works with up to seven string fretboards.

Intonation is always a concern when it comes to capos, but thanks to precision molded rubber pads that provide even string pressure across the neck. A lightweight design doesn’t add any additional neck weight or introduce any dive.

24. Great for All Guitarists – D'Addario String Care Bundle - Sweetwater Exclusive

D'Addario String Care Bundle - Sweetwater Exclusive


  • Best for: Guitar, bass, and other string instruments
  • Includes: Pro-Winder, XLR8 String Lubricant & Cleaner
  • Accessories: Pro-Winder accelerates string changes

String life is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to playing guitar or bass. It goes much deeper than simple string changes. By cleaning and conditioning your strings, you make them not just easier to play but extend their life as well. 

Included in the String Care Bundle are the most basic things needed to maintain tone, integrity, and life of strings. XLR8 lubricant and cleaner add life and vibrance to strings to keep them at the top of their game, removing dirt and grime that kills tone and slows down flow. 

Ideal for stringing both electric and acoustic guitars, the Pro-Winder will quickly prove to be one of the most useful tools in your arsenal. The built-in clipper helps you shave off excess string during changes, and the bridge pin puller makes string changes on an acoustic as easy as possible. 

Pulling off a decent string life is one of the top concerns for guitar players when it comes to maintaining their instruments. By taking care of them, you can extend their life and by extension, improve their tone as well.

The D’Addario String Care Bundle has a singular focus: to make your strings as playable as they can be and to extend their life for as long as possible. What guitarist doesn’t want to save time and money and improve their tone while they’re at it? This bundle is hands-down one of the best stocking stuffers for stringed instrument players.

25. Best for Any Guitarist – MusicNomad Premium Guitar Care System - 5-piece Kit

MusicNomad Premium Guitar Care System - 5-piece Kit


  • Products: Guitar cleaning system includes body cleaner, polish, fretboard conditioner, and protection
  • Benefits: Reusable microfiber cleaning cloths, donation to Musician Advocacy
  • Best for: Guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, ukulele

Guitar care systems are a secret weapon used by musicians, techs, and luthiers to keep the performance and aesthetic of their instruments as good as possible. Music Nomad’s Premium 5-Piece Guitar Care System might not be as robust as some alternatives, but it’s got everything you need to keep your instrument looking and feeling good.

It includes three different types of cleaning solutions. The Guitar One cleaning solution removes the muck that inevitably builds up on instrument bodies – it can clean, polish, wax, and protect all in a single step.

Pro Strength Guitar Polish restores and maintains the luster of the body and helps it to shine by protecting it all in a silicone and wax-free chemical. Polishes are safe on all types of guitar finishes, including nitrocellulose.

But perhaps the most useful element is the F-One Oil that cleans and conditions the fretboard. Using 100% natural oils in a petroleum and wax-free mixture, it’s safe on all unfinished fretboards, too.

Included are two lint-free microfiber cloths that allow for easy application. They’re washable, and at 16” x 12”, they provide plenty of surface area to cover whatever style of guitar you’re working on.

This guitar care system gives you everything you need to maintain your valued instruments for longer life and better performance. The fact that they donate portions of sales proceeds to Musician Advocacy makes it clear they want musicians to get the best out of their instruments.

Best Gifts for Musicians: Conclusion

Shopping for the musician or music lover in your life can be tricky. But it doesn’t have to be. 

 As the number one online distributor of music gear in the world, Sweetwater is offering a host of great deals this holiday season. These are just some of our favorite stocking stuffers, but there are plenty more of the best gifts for musicians available at Sweetwater.com!

Thanks to modern technology, big things come in small packages. Gone are the days of flimsy dollar-store stocking stuffers – so no matter whether you’re shopping for a singer, guitarist, podcaster, or even experimental musician, Sweetwater has got you covered with the perfect gift to make this holiday any music lover's best yet.

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