6 Best Headphone Stands of 2023

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Videos by American Songwriter

No one likes a messy workstation. Whether you’re a music producer, musician, or just someone who can’t function at work without their favorite Spotify playlist, you’ll want a headphone stand to keep your desk clutter-free. We rounded up options perfect for headphones of all sizes, affordable options, and even some great headphone hooks for keeping your desk clear. See which option will work best for your desk or studio setup.

1. New bee Headphone Stand Headset Holder Earphone Stand

Here’s a great headphone stand for everyone – it’s perfect for all sizes and brands including Beats, Sony, AKG, Philips, and more. The stand is sturdy and the minimalist design is great for small desks. We love this stand for anyone looking to save a bit of money as well. This stand is under $10, making it affordable.

best headphone stands

2. On-Stage HH7000 Headphone Hanger

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty stand, you’ll like On-Stage’s headphone hanger. The metal stand keeps headphones safe, along with a few accessories. You can put small adapters or guitar picks in the lower tray. It’s a great gift for producers.

best headphone stands

3. Headphone Hook

This headphone clamp is the ideal solution for anyone who needs to clear up desk space. Musicians and producers can attach the clamp to shelves and desks up to 40mm thick. Some perks you’ll enjoy: it’s super easy to install, there are rubber pads to prevent damage to your desk, and there’s a cord clip to keep headphone wiring out of the way.

best headphone stands

4. Aurynns Headphone Hanger

This headphone holder is a unique option for the coffee, sticky note, and gel pen-obsessed go-getter. Keep your headphones and coffee within reach and off your desk with this hanger. It’s also a clamp-hook style for those who need to keep their desks as clutter-free as possible. The hook also keeps cables in place to prevent them from getting caught under your office chair. And of course, you don’t have to use the extra room for coffee and pens. Place small accessories like USB drives and quarter-inch adapters in it.

best headphone stands

5. KAFRI Dual Headphone Stand with USB Charger

Charging your devices is normally something many of us do first thing in the morning or overnight, but if you’re someone that uses their phone or device the majority of the day, you’ll want a headphone stand like this. It has two USB ports for keeping your phone or tablet charged. Great if you use apps for recording or learning music! Also, this is a great pick if you have two pairs of headphones.

best headphone stands

6. Luckies Rock On Headphone Stand Gold Small

This stand might be the perfect option for music lovers that are tired of their wired headphones getting tangled. This fun headphone stand will look great on your desk and will be a conversation starter if you use it at work. The “rock on” headphone stand will also hold your keys and watch. It’s versatile, entertaining, and a cool gift for music enthusiasts. Get it for $24.99.

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