6 Best Headphones for Guitar Amps of 2024

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Shopping for new headphones as a guitarist means it's time to really hone in on your skills for practice or hear every detail during recording sessions.

You want a pair of headphones that'll let you experience your skills like never before, so we rounded up 6 of our favorite headphones for guitar amps.

These guitar amps are great for various playing styles, are comfortable, and sound awesome. Our favorite pair for all players has to be the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones.

They are comfy, not too pricey, and versatile. They'll sound great for all genres, including metal! So if you dabble in all types of music, these are great for your practice sessions.

Here are 6 of the best guitar amp headphones for guitar practice.

Quick Summary of the Best Headphones for Guitar Amps

  1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x (Best Headphones for Everyone)
  2. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Closed-Back (Best Headphones Under $100)
  3. Sennheiser HD 660S2 Open-back Headphones (Quality Studio-Grade Headphones)
  4. Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro (Great for Country & Rock Music)
  5. AKG K702 (Best Professional Headphones for Jazz)
  6. SRH1540 (Best for Bass Guitar)

Best Guitar Amp Headphones

1. Best Headphones for Everyone – Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

headphones for guitar amps


  • Closed or Open: Closed
  • Impedance: 38 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 15Hz-28kHz

The ATH M50x headphones are a wonderful pick for hearing your guitar's tones with superior audio quality. Obviously, you'll want clear audio when playing, with or without headphones, but if you'll be playing with headphones, you especially want to hear the details of your playing after all.

They are closed-back headphones, which you truly just can't go wrong with for guitar practice. You can go with open headphones, but closed-back Audio Technica headphones will block out external noise, giving you a chance to really focus on your craft.

These Audio Technica headphones are comfortable and durable, which we really value in any gear you'll be wearing or traveling with. They do have cushioned ear cups and an adjustable headband for long practice sessions, and they are made from durable materials so they won't break when folding.

You probably noticed low impedance, but these are ideal for other devices like laptops, phones, and other portable devices.

These Audio Technica headphones are great for guitar playing, tracking, mixing, DJ monitoring, and personal listening, making them versatile. And you can use them for just about any genre, including rock, jazz, metal, and country.

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2. Best Headphones Under $100 – Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Closed-Back

headphones for guitar amps


  • Closed or Open: Closed
  • Impedance: 64 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 8Hz–25kHz

These are also great headphones for everyone, but for a smaller budget, Sennheiser is known for quality and affordable gear. Their HD 280 Pro headphones are closed and have a low impedance.

This means they'll be great for noise isolation and will be wonderful headphones for other devices outside of your guitar amplifier.

Get the best bang for the buck here, you'll get a pair of headphones that have a flat frequency response, meaning the sound is balanced and neutral. And yep, you can totally use them for any genre you'd like!

We're big fans of the versatility and price, so if you're new to guitar and have a lot of projects outside of playing guitar (music production, film editing, casual listening, etc.) you're going to like these a lot. Especially on the go since they're closed. Outside noise won't be much of an issue.

3. Quality Studio-Grade Headphones – Sennheiser HD 660S2 Open-back Headphones

headphones for guitar amps


  • Closed or Open: Open
  • Impedance: 300 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz-41.5kHz

Sennheiser has affordable headphones, but they do make some pretty neat picks for studio pros with a big budget. This open-back design allows for a more natural soundstage.

Again, it's totally up to personal preference whether you want open or closed headphones, so be sure to think about the difference between the two. Just know these are detailed and you'll hear all the nuances and dynamics of your playing.

These headphones double the sound pressure level (SPL) in the bass frequencies for the sub-bass range and the entire range of human hearing. We're big fans of this pick if the bass response is a priority for you.

Overall, you're going to get a top-tier listening experience and will notice a difference if you're using budget headphones currently.

They come with a carry pouch, a 1/4-inch plug, and 4.4mm balanced plug (both with 6-foot long cables), and a 1/4-inch to 3.5mm adapter.

4. Great for Country & Rock Music – Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro

headphones for guitar amps


  • Closed or Open: Semi-open
  • Impedance: 250 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz-35kHz

If you're hoping to buy a great pair that will be beneficial for rock and country guitarists, consider these headphones. They are mainly designed for studio use, but they are versatile. Consider these for amp practice.

A big reason why we like these for practice sessions is that they can handle the dynamic and tonal characteristics of guitar amps, regardless of genre, but they'll especially sound wonderful when playing rock and country.

These are known for their instrument separation, so different elements of guitars can be heard distinctly. This is something that makes them stand out among rock and country guitarists. So, if you plan on getting in the studio soon, you're going to love them.

They have a semi-open design which is a good balance of open and closed-back headphones, so if you're split between which ones you'll enjoy better, this is a unique pair to try out.

They're comfy and durable, so you don't have to worry about how they're going to feel and hold up after long practice sessions or years of use.

5. Best Professional Headphones for Jazz – AKG K702

headphones for guitar amps


  • Closed or Open: Open
  • Impedance: 62 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-39.8kHz

These K702 headphones are a wonderful pair of open headphones great for jazz players. These headphones have a wide soundstage, it's great for instrument separation as well. Jazz players are going to love these for studio use!

Overall, they will also make a huge difference for jazz players since they have a flat frequency response and a balanced sound for getting that desired tone you want.

Another reason why jazz players will like them is that they can handle the dynamic range and high energy of jazz music for fun guitar riffs. and bass lines.

Jazz players will get a nice comfy pair of headphones, as they're lightweight and have large earcups that are breathable.

We really like these for practice sessions, but they'll also be a great pair you'll want to use for mixing.

6. Best for Bass Guitar – SRH1540

headphones for guitar amps


  • Closed or Open: Closed
  • Impedance: 46 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz-25kHz

We can't forget about our bass players. The headphones by Shure are popular for their balanced and natural presentation of bass frequencies for full depth and nuances of your bass guitar's tone.

Bass players are big fans of maintaining tight control over playing, and we also like that these are closed-back headphones.

We like open-back headphones, but closed-back designs will allow you to focus on your sound without background noise and sound leakage.

These headphones are truly designed for the dedicated bass player, so if you play long sessions you'll be happy to know that these aren't just lightweight (under 1 pound), but have memory foam earpads. it'll be like putting pillows over your ears.

Overall, we're big fans of these for practice and studio use.

Best Headphones for Guitar Amps Buyer's Guide

Shopping for your first pair (or a new pair) of headphones to use with your guitar amp is important when you keep durability, open vs. closed-back, impedance, and connectivity in mind. We'll delve into other factors that'll make a good pair of headphones perfect for you.

Sound quality

Headphones with a balanced frequency response is key! You'll get clear, sound quality across the entire spectrum, perfect for accurate and detailed sound reproduction.


Higher-impedance headphones require more power to achieve louder volume levels, so make sure your amp can provide enough power.

Open-back or closed-back

Open-back headphones offer a wider soundstage and a more natural, airy sound, but they leak sound. Closed-back headphones provide better noise isolation and a more focused sound.


Look out for comfy headphones with an adjustable headband and soft ear cups. You may be wearing them for hours, so make sure they're lightweight as well.


Sturdy headphones made of metal will last during travel periods and extended use. Folding headphones will put some wear on them, so make sure they can handle it.

Connectivity options

Most headphones have a standard 1/4-inch or 3.5mm jack so this won't be much of a concern at all, but some headphones are wireless.


As a beginner guitarist, budget for at least $50-$100 on a pair of headphones. As you advance and begin recording music, you'll be eager to spend more on high-end headphones that offer more features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are open-back or closed-back headphones better for guitar amps?

That depends on your personal preference and if you want a natural sound or something more focused and isolated. They're both great for practice, considering you likely won't be practicing guitar in a super noisy environment. But if for any reason your household is extremely loud, consider closed-back headphones.

Should I consider wireless headphones for guitar amps?

Wireless headphones are so convenient but wireless headphones may have a delay. This isn't all wireless headphones, so be sure to shop brands known for low-latency modes. Also, make sure it's compatible with your amp.

Do I need high-impedance headphones for my guitar amp?

Nope! Guitar amplifiers have headphone outputs that drive a wide range of headphones. Match the impedance range of the headphones with the amp for the best sound.


We went over some features to look for when shopping for the best guitar amp headphones. We discovered that you want to pay attention to sound quality, ear pads or earcups, connectivity, and whether sound isolation is a big priority (AKA choosing open-back or closed-back headphones).

After sorting through our favorites, the best guitar amp headphones for everyone, regardless of level and genre would have to be the Audio Technica ATH M50x headphones. They're the best headphones for good reason: the Audio Technica ATH M50x headphones are loved by guitar players for their versatility.

Any guitar player will dabble in a variety of genres, so use them for excellent sound quality whether you're playing metal, rock, or jazz. They'll sound great with your favorite guitar amp.

If you're playing rock or country on an electric guitar, you'll want to use the Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro 250 ohm Semi-open Reference Studio Headphones with your guitar amplifier. These are known for their instrument separation, so different elements of guitars can be heard distinctly.

If you want a versatile pair of headphones under $100, consider the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones.

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