5 Best Keyboard Bags of 2023

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Picking up a keyboard is one of the best decisions you’ll make. Learning is lots of fun, and truly a great way to exercise your brain and motor skills. Plus, there’s no greater feeling than playing your favorite songs or writing your own music. Hopefully, you’ve got a keyboard that’ll last years through your learning along with a couple of essentials. If you haven’t yet, we recommend a nice sheet music stand. It’ll make practice a breeze. Lastly, we recommend a keyboard bag or case to keep your instrument safe.

Here are 5 of the best keyboard bags and cases of 2023.

1. Roland CB-B88V2 Keyboard Gig Bag

Roland’s CB-B88V2 keyboard gig bag is a sweet option for protecting your keys—the outer shell is made from thick polyester, so it won’t be too heavy to carry. However, the shell still provides lots of protection from moisture, abrasions, and bumps. The fleece interior is also protective with its thick foam padding. Overall, it’s a great bag to get you from A to B without the weight of a hard case. Take advantage of the outer pockets for accessories.

keyboard bag

2. 61 Key Keyboard Case

Here’s another soft case for keyboards. We like this bag because it’s a quality pick that’s budget-friendly. It’s available for under $33 and fits 61 key keyboards without any struggle. It’s a great lightweight bag for storage if you need to go to keyboard lessons or just need an affordable bag to store it in between use. The shell is made of fabric that is waterproof and dustproof.

keyboard bag

3. Gator GK-2110 Micro Keyboard Gig Bag

Here’s one of our favorite bags for MIDI controllers and mini keyboards. Even though they’re pretty easy to carry by hand, you’re less likely to drop yours if you have a carry bag for it. This gig bag has handles and a shoulder strap for easy transportation. Get from home to the studio with ease. Sweetwater also recommends this as a bag for multi-effects pedals. It’s under $50 and customers love it.

keyboard bag

4. Gator 61 and 76 Key Stretchy Keyboard Cover

If you don’t travel with your keyboard often, you likely leave it on the stand for long periods. While you don’t have much reason for a pricey carry bag, you’ll want to make sure you leave a keyboard cover on it. You’ll want to protect it from dust and curious toddlers or pets. This cover is under $20, stretchy, and simple to put on your keyboard.

keyboard bag

5. Gator GTSA-KEY61 TSA Series Keyboard Case

Every touring musician needs TSA-friendly cases. You never know how others may handle your instruments, so it’s best to get a rugged case when traveling. This keyboard hard case will be able to handle bumps, scuffs, and more without damage to your keyboard. The plush interior is also helpful in preventing scratches, along with the snug fit. This means your keyboard won’t be sliding around the case. Get off the plane with peace of mind that you won’t struggle to carry this case through the airport. There are wheels and a handle to make transportation easy.

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