5 Best Keyboard Stands of 2024

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I got my first keyboard in high school and wasn't in a rush to buy a stand. I was definitely playing with the keyboard propped up on my bed (humble beginnings). Hey, there's nothing wrong with that though. Although, it's great to invest in your craft or hobby the more you play and save up for gear.

If you're new to the keyboard, or simply just haven't invested in a stand yet, consider one of our picks for the best keyboard stands of 2024. We rounded up a cool bundle, an affordable option, a stand on wheels, and more. See which one will work for you.

1. On-Stage KPK6500 Keyboard Stand and Bench Pack

best keyboard stands

If you're looking to kill two birds with one stone then consider this stand and bench pack. For under $100, you can get a single keyboard stand and bench. The stand can support up to 90 pounds and is accommodating to most brands and models. The stand has 5 different height settings and the 2-inch vinyl cushion is super comfy. Once you feel good, you'll start playing better. Get comfy with this 2-piece set.

2. Amazon Basics Classic Adjustable Keyboard and Piano Stand - Single-X

best keyboard stands

Amazon Basics has 3 styles, ranging from $35-$52. This is a great starter stand if you're looking to keep it under $50 or so. It's affordable, but it doesn't lack the ultimate must-needed spec. You can adjust the height to 5 different settings, so get comfy playing on your favorite bench.

3. Liquid Stands Piano Keyboard Stand w/ Wheels

best keyboard stands

If you're someone who likes playing in the living one day and your bedroom the next, you need this stand on wheels. Moving it around the house is effortless, and when you're ready to play just lock the wheels. You can adjust the height between 23-33.5 inches, too! It's under $80 and is compatible with most keyboards. Enjoy the headphone stand (this will help keep your music accessories organized!).

4. On-Stage KS7365-EJ Folding-Z Keyboard Stand with 2nd Tier

best keyboard stands

If you're a total newbie you may not need a 2-tier stand. However, this will be of interest if you're a veteran player with two keyboards or a touring musician. This second tier is removable, though. Adjust the height positions for easy playing and enjoy the easy breakdown for taking to and from gigs. It breaks down into 3 lockable sections.

Steffen gave it a 5-star rating and wrote, "It doesn't budge or bounce like other stands I've experienced. I haven't seen any other stands this solid and versatile. Highly recommended for anyone needing a two-tier keyboard stand."

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5. K&M 18820 Omega Pro Keyboard Stand - Black

best keyboard stands

I've seen James Blake live and had no idea he was tall. Being 6'5'' likely has its perks, but I wouldn't be surprised if X-style stands were a bit annoying for a guy that tall. If you have long legs, you may not like X-style stands. Consider a table-style stand. This stand leaves you with plenty of legroom. Adjust the legs if needed. This heavy-duty steel stand will last for years to come.

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