5 Best Outdoor Party Speakers of 2024

There's nothing better than blasting your favorite tunes. In the car, in the shower, while you work out, and even outdoors. If you plan on hosting a party soon, you better have a party speaker ready!

We rounded up 5 of our favorite outdoor party speakers, ranging from small options you can easily carry and some bigger speakers you can roll around the party venue.

Our all-time favorite on this list would have to be the Bose S1 Pro speaker. It's a great option due to its durability, weight, and sound quality. It'll definitely pass the bass lover's test.

These are the best outdoor party speakers, and we gathered them just in time before your big celebration.

Quick Summary of the Best Outdoor Party Speakers

  1. Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker System (Our Top Pick)
  2. Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Best Budget Speaker Under $30)
  3. JBL Clip 3 (Best Compact Waterproof Speaker for River & Beach Days)
  4. Gemini Sound MPA-2400 (Best Speaker for Big Parties)
  5. Sony SRS-XB43 EXTRA BASS (Best for Bass Lovers)

Best Outdoor Party Speakers

1. Our Top Pick – Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker System

best outdoor party speakers bose


  • Weight: 15.5 lbs
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Battery Life: 11 hours

Bose is likely one of 3 popular brands you think of when you hear speakers. Bose has been in the audio game for over 50 years. They've been making quality products for the military and music lovers for a while, ensuring all customers get quality products for everyday use.

Their S1 Pro Bluetooth speaker is a quality pick because of its brand reputation and all of the qualities such as convenient connectivity and powerful sound -- it has deep bass and clear sound. You'll wish your car speakers sounded this good.

The lightweight party speaker is pretty small; it weighs around 15 pounds making it easy to carry to and from locations. It's sturdy, too, so it'll be able to handle some bumps and scrapes. (It has a protective metal grille).

We love that it has a built-in rechargeable battery, no need to go through kitchen drawers looking for extra batteries.

And yes, this Bluetooth speaker is expandable. If you're adding this speaker to your Bose family, then you can connect other Bose devices to it. Download the Bose app for more sound! You're going to love using Party Mode if you host big parties.

2. Best Budget Speaker Under $30 – Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

best outdoor party speakers anker 2


  • Weight: 12.7 oz
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Battery Life: 24 hours

We love everything about this Bluetooth speaker -- the weight, connectivity, battery life, and even the price. It's under $40, so if you're looking for an affordable Bluetooth party speaker, this is perfect. We like that it's cheap but doesn't lack audio quality.

Don't let the size fool you; it sounds great. With dual neodymium drivers and a bass port to enhance bass, it'll sound clear and well-balanced.

It's also a great party speaker for lots of unpredictable weather. It can handle rain, dust, snow, and spills.

It's a great compact speaker for outdoor family fun any time of the year. It has an IPX7 waterproof rating! So if the party speaker ends up in the water (up to 1 meter), it'll be okay without damage.

This portable party speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery, so charge it before each use; however, you may not need to. The party speaker has a 24-hour battery life! Impressive.

3. Best Compact Waterproof Speaker for River & Beach Days – JBL Clip 3

best outdoor party speakers


  • Weight: 7.4 oz
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Battery Life: 10 hours

Everyone who loves a water day needs a quality waterproof speaker. If you like to float the river, surf, or chill out in the lake or pool, it's a must.

You can clip this portable speaker to your daypack or use it on a kayak or boat. It has an IPX7 waterproof rating.

This small but mighty Bluetooth speaker has great sound and even delivers crystal-clear audio when taking phone calls. So, if you like taking phone calls while grilling or hanging in the backyard, this is a great portable Bluetooth speaker for you.

JBL has been in the audio world for over 70 years; they've built up an amazing brand rap and truly are loved worldwide. From Woodstock to the Motion Picture Academy (and now your backyard), you can find JBL speakers.

4. Best Party Speaker for Big Outdoor Parties – Gemini Sound MPA-2400

best outdoor party speakers gemini sound


  • Weight: 1lb
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Battery Life: 18 hours

So, you want a big powerful Bluetooth party speaker and don't want to carry it. No problem! We found a great 240-watt speaker on wheels. Take it to outdoor parties, gigs, and wherever you may need it. We love that it's splashproof (IPX 4 rating), so you can use it at pool parties.

The MPA-2400 speaker has great audio; it uses a 24-inch woofer for deep and powerful bass and truly creates a dynamic and immersive sound experience.

The Bluetooth party speaker is truly party ready; it has LED lights and visual effects, so if you like throwing parties super late, it'll add a nice ambiance and light to the venue.

There are also mic inputs so you can do karaoke or make announcements to your party attendees. It's a versatile speaker.

5. Best Party Speaker for Bass Lovers – Sony SRS-XB43 EXTRA BASS

best outdoor party speakers


  • Weight: 6.5 lbs
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Battery Life: 24 hours

We love Sony; their products have been around for many, many generations; between CD players, boom boxes, TVs, headphones, and speakers, their products are all top-tier.

The speaker delivers quality audio; it has dual passive radiators that help produce deep and punchy low frequencies, allowing your music to cut through outdoor noise and create an immersive sound experience.

Overall, it's a great speaker for outside; it can be submerged in water for a short period, and it has an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance. Take it to the river, pool, campsite, or the desert! A speaker is a must for remote Airbnb getaways.

You'll love this speaker, especially for a nighttime party atmosphere; there are color-changing lights.

Best Outdoor Party Speakers Buyer's Guide

There are lots of things to consider when picking out a good party speaker, so we decided to narrow it down to the following 8 factors. After reading through our buyer's guide, you'll have a better idea of the kind of outdoor speaker you'll need for everyday use, venues, and more.


Durability is key since they're going to be used outside. Make sure your speaker can at least handle exposure to sun and temperature changes. If they are also weatherproof or waterproof, that is a huge plus. You'll be able to use your speaker in or near water (river, beach days, lake days, etc.)

Power and Volume

Power and volume are important; look for a speaker with a high wattage rating so you can have a good sound projection for your backyard, venue, or party.


Consider weight; you want a speaker that's easy to carry (by one person) or at least a speaker that can be rolled around on wheels to make transportation easy.

Connectivity Options

Make sure it's versatile with connectivity. Bluetooth connectivity is popular and truly the only kind of connectivity most shoppers are looking for.

Streaming apps with Bluetooth connectivity is so convenient! However, some people prefer aux inputs or USB ports for a variety of devices like tablets and laptops.

Battery Life

Make sure the battery life is long enough for your party or event. 6+ hours is good, but if you can get 10-24 hours of streaming on a full battery, that's awesome.

Sound Quality

Make sure the speaker has good audio -- clear sound with a good bass response is ideal.

Multiple Speaker Support

If you have a huge venue, consider a speaker that allows you to connect multiple units together for better coverage.


Set a budget, and stick to it. Budget for at least $100 on an affordable speaker or $300-$500 on a high-end speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are outdoor party speakers different from regular indoor speakers?

Yes, outdoor speakers are more durable. They're built to be able to take on weather and impact from transportation.

Do outdoor party speakers require a power source?

Yes, they're usually AC-powered or battery-powered. You'll plug in your speaker to use it, will use batteries, or have a speaker with a built-in rechargeable battery. You'll charge these with a wall outlet via a USB cord.

Can I leave outdoor party speakers outside?

Yes, but consider some coverage. Make sure it's shaded under a patio at least, so it's not constantly getting sunlight or rain. You also don't want it to get moist if you live in a humid environment.

Use good judgment.


Want to use a speaker hanging out poolside or in the sea or river? You'll enjoy the JBL Clip 3. The lightweight speaker is perfect for clipping to your backpacks and even to your tube rope or coolers while you float the river or hang out on the lake.

If you want something that's party-friendly for whatever life may throw your way, you need the MPA 2400. The speaker has mic outputs, so it's ready for karaoke in case everyone's in the singing mood.

It has wheels in case the party moves from outside to inside! This powerful party speaker is loud, so be sure you don't make any neighbors mad! Otherwise, it'll be a blast to party with.

If you want the perfect speaker for indoor and outdoor use, you should consider the Bose S1 Pro. It's expandable with other Bose speakers, so you can create a nice environment for bigger parties if needed. It sounds great, has wonderful bass, and is durable. It's great for house parties and, of course, outdoor use.

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