BOSS Announces The TU-05 Rechargeable Clip-On Tuner

BOSS is well-known for their tuners and today they’ve announced a new clip-on unit, the BOSS TU-05, which adds some exciting new features stringed instrument players will appreciate.

First, the new BOSS TU-05 Clip-On Tuner is designed for guitar, bass, ukulele and other stringed instruments. The display is nice and large, with super-high contrast and clear colors, making tuning in a dark nightclub a much easier task.

Boss TU-O5

A rugged clip provides secure mounting on an instrument’s headstock, and the display can be swiveled for optimum viewing. Four tuning modes include chromatic, guitar, bass, and ukulele, and the calibration can be adjusted from 431 to 449 Hz. Flat tuning over a range of three semitones down is supported, perfect for players who like to tune lower than standard pitch.

Best of all, the battery provides 10 hours of continuous use and is rechargeable via a standard USB power adaptor. (cable included). When not in use, an auto-off feature conserves battery life.

The BOSS TU-05 Clip-On Tuner is available now for $22.99.

Boss TU-05 Clip-on tuner

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