BOSS Expands Accessories Lineup With New Cable Solutions

Boss Cables

Boss introduces several new cables to their accessory line, including MIDI, TRS and low-profile patch styles for stage and studio. The cables are available now in a variety of lengths and designed with top-quality materials.

Boss BPC Cables

The BOSS BPC cables are designed with custom right-angle plugs that offer a trimmed-down take on the classic pancake design and are perfect for side-by-side connections on gear with tight jack spacing, such as BOSS 200 and 500 series pedals and popular loop switching products. Engineered for premium tone, each cable features 24K gold-plated connectors, low-capacitance studio-grade cable, and oxygen-free copper wire. Available 4 in./10 cm (BPC-4), 8 in./20 cm (BPC-8), and 18 in./45 cm (BPC-18) lengths, plus a BPC-4 value three-pack (BPC-4-3).

Boss BMIDI-PB Cable

Outfitted with unique multi-directional MIDI connectors, BOSS BMIDI-PB cables optimize space on pedalboards when connecting 5-pin MIDI devices. A custom three-way design lets the user direct and lock each cable end as needed, either at 90-degrees or straight out like a traditional MIDI cable. The low-profile cable is both flexible and durable, with oxygen-free copper wire providing clean data transfer. BMIDI-PB cables are perfect partners for BOSS 500 series pedals, ES-5 and ES-8 switching systems, and any device equipped with standard 5-pin MIDI I/O. Available in 1 ft./30 cm (BMIDI-PB1), 2 ft./60 cm (BMIDI-PB2), and 3 ft./1 m (BMIDI-PB3) lengths.

Boss BCC Cable

The BOSS BCC cables are ideal for TRS stage connections between the GA-FC Foot Controller and various BOSS/Roland amps, including the Katana, Nextone, Acoustic Singer, and Blues Cube series. They’re compatible with BOSS’s EV-30 expression pedal and FS footswitches and can also be used as TRS audio cables for sound devices. Oxygen-free copper wire ensures precise signal transmission with maximum noise rejection, while 24K gold plating keeps the plugs corrosion-free. A heavy-duty woven outer jacket offers another layer of noise rejection and eliminates tangles over long runs. Available in 3 ft./1 m (BCC-3-TRA), 20 ft./6 m (BCC-20-TRA), and 30 ft./9 m (BCC-30-TRA) lengths.

BOSS BPC price range: $9.99-$24.99
BOSS BMIDI price range: $14.99-$19.99
BOSS BCC price range: $14.99-$49.99

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