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In a technological world where creative possibilities are expanding on every front, the capability of tuners has long since grown past the simple accurate tuning of a guitar.BOSS has long been a renowned source of quality guitar gear, and this is well represented in their quality line of tuners. But in a technological world where creative possibilities are expanding on every front, the capability of tuners has long since grown past the simple accurate tuning of a guitar, so that tuners can now be tailored to fit the specific needs of a variety of guitarists. With that in mind, We took a look at three Boss tuners to explore their use and what musicians they’re best suited for. For further information, including detailed specifications, follow the links to the product pages below.

Boss Tuner

List Price: $69.99

On its most basic level, the TU-88 is a very accurate tuner for both electric and bass guitar. It features onboard Chromatic, Guitar, and Bass modes. One convenient feature is the BOSS Accu-Pitch, which audibly beeps when your string is in tune, a welcome assistance to those tired of squinting closely at the often-fickle needle. Some of the greatest strengths of the TU-88 come out when you plug your headphones in. By connecting the tuner to the end of your chain, you can check all of your effects, a useful feature for a live performer. You can connect your iPod to jam along to some of your favorite songs, or simply use the built-in metronome with tap tempo control to hear the right pace and get your timing down. In general, this is a solid tuner well-suited to musicians either practicing for or playing live gigs.

Boss Tuner 2

List Price: $89.99

Expanding upon the established quality of the classic TU-12, the TU-12 EX keeps that consistency while adding several new features. The auto-off feature saves battery for the forgetful guitarist, shutting off the tuner after an idle period. The TU-12 EX also features the Accu-Pitch beep, and flat tuning of up to six half steps. BOSS’s recognizable and accurate needle/LED indicators still do the job well, and there’s a built-in microphone. While maybe not substantial enough for a sizable live show, this tuner is a quality product for any at-home guitarist, a basic yet effective tool that can be relied on.

Boss Tuner 3

BOSS TU-1000
List Price: $259.99

The TU-1000 Stage tuner is nearly as impressive physically as it is technologically, and has clearly been designed to handle rough-and-tough treatment on the road. 16-5/16 inches long and 6-5/16 inches thick, the TU-1000 features an oversized LED screen that provides unparalleled tuning visibility. While turning on and during the tuning process, a burst of red and blue lights shoot across the screen, resembling the 4th of July encased in plastic. It features two display modes — cent, which functions like an LED needle, and stream, which is a more fluid display of light that indicates when notes are out of tune. Like its BOSS brothers, the TU-1000 features Accu-Pitch, as well as an extra-bright “tiger’s-eye” indicator that illuminates when in tune. The visibility enables guitarists to tune from all over the stage, and turning on the tuner automatically silences the output signal, allowing you to tune without making noise. The TU-1000 has options for flat, open, and alternate tunings such as D-A-D-G-A-D, and two outputs that allow you to power up your other gear. With superior design, aesthetic quality, and rugged durability, this is a premium tuner for a serious live performer that will take the licks of the road without breaking a sweat.

Watch us test drive each of these BOSS tuners in the video below.

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