5 Best Clear Bags of 2023 for Concerts

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There are lots of security measures taken at concerts, sporting events, and large gatherings these days. They’re helpful, but you may be a bit annoyed if you aren’t prepared. You’ll likely be asked to take your large bag or oversized backpack to your car at a large venue like the Kia Forum or MSG. To avoid the hassle, we recommend clear bags. Below we rounded up 5 bags we personally love.

1. USPECLARE Clear Bag Stadium Approved

This bag can be used for music festivals. Try not to overpack, but a whole weekend at ACL or SXSW calls for a day of a portable charger, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and a few more essentials. This roomy bag is super durable. It’s been used for about 2 years now and has even survived a few trips to the beach. Keep larger items in the main compartment and things like chapstick and keys in the smaller ones. When pushing through a festival crowd, the last thing you want is for someone to snatch your bag. You will feel super secure with this one, however, a water bottle holder would be a great addition. Get it for $15.99.

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2. Clear Fringe Crossbody

I was lucky enough to get receive this bag a few years ago. I still use it (and it’s currently hanging by the door just in case I catch a last-minute show in Silver Lake or Echo Park). I’ve seen security ask people to throw away their oversized purses or to Uber their purses back home if they wanted to enter the venue. Yikes, right? With this small crossbody, you won’t have to worry about that. This bag is super cute and I always get lots of compliments. Yes, even from the guys working the door. They’re always happy you make their lives easy with a small bag packed with only the essentials. Get this bag if you’re looking for something for an ID, debit card, chapstick, and your keys.

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3. Vorspack Clear Purse

Here’s a similar style, but more budget-friendly. Amazon has this bag available for $25.99. Below you’ll see that this bag is great for a phone, sunglasses, and other small items. The chain is pretty cute. We’re big fans of this bag for ladies who can’t sacrifice a little style.

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4. Fibrdoo Clear Crossbody Purse

This is a smaller version of the first bag. It’s not the exact same, but if you want a smaller crossbody, I recommend going with this one. You’ll be able to fit travel-sized essentials. Not sure what to pack? I always bring a debit card, ID, portable charger, chapstick, sunscreen, keys, hand sanitizer, and a small pack of flushable wipes for the porta-potties.

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5. HULISEN Clear PVC Sling Bag

This waterproof bag is also an ideal festival bag. Some of my friends have had phones stolen from their fanny packs so I’m a big fan of sling bags. Keep your belongings close. You’ll be able to fit plenty of essentials in this bag. There’s even a water bottle holder on the side. It’s perfect. Get it for $18.99.

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Photo Courtesy Margo Paige & Amazon

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