Cloud Microphones: JRS-34, Cloudlifter Preamp

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Cloud Microphones
Cloudlifter 2-channel preamp, List Price: $329.00
JRS-34 Passive, List Price: $1,499.00
JRS-34 Active, List Price: $1,799.00

The Cloud JRS-34 active ribbon microphone is made in the true style of the classic RCA ribbons that have become legendary. Designed in collaboration with Stephen Sank, the son of RCA microphone designer John Sank, the JRS-34 offers a vintage sound with all the benefits that come from a modern, active circuit. Though a passive version is available, the JRS-34 active version offers roughly 20 decibels of additional gain, making the microphone equally useful on a variety of sound sources. You can really hear the natural warmth that ribbon microphones are known for when you use the JRS-34 on louder sources. As a room mic for drums, or on a guitar amp, the reproduction of sound is stellar, and beautiful. As with any active ribbon microphone, there is an inherent amount of self-noise that the microphone produces, which is more apparent when recording softer, acoustic sounds, or vocals. That said, when using the mic on acoustic guitars and vocals the JRS-34 produces an incredibly natural sound with plenty of body and a shimmering high end. Cloud also manufactures the “Cloudlifter”, a two-channel, phantom-powered pre-amp designed for use with passive microphones, that involves the same circuit in the JRS-34 active, designed to give that same, transparent 20 decibel gain increase to any passive microphone that has a lower output.

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