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Caroline Spence: Married To The Mystery

“Is there a greater mystery than the way people relate to one another?”

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Daily Discovery: Matthew Francis Andersen, “Honeyhole”

ARTIST: Matthew Francis Andersen
 SONG: "Honeyhole"   HOMETOWN: Oak Park, Illinois   CURRENT LOCATION: Public Library   AMBITIONS: Just wanna be happy earning my living.   TURN-OFFS: Reality television, most things heard on the radio, poor parenting, polarizing politics
, and booming blues singers.   TURN-ONS: Poetry, my wife, distant outboard motors, faint wood smoke, bourbon, vintage acoustic...

Music Business Miracle: From Lyric Contest Victory to Billboard No. 1

Having a single on national radio as a writer or an artist, much less being able to claim a No. 1 song on the Billboard country charts, is an incredibly difficult feat, even for someone who’s established in the...

Caroline Spence Looks Back on Her Lyric Contest Grand Prize Co-Write

Caroline Spence 2013 Grand Prize Winner Co-write with Lee Brice Looking back, I’d say winning the 2013 Lyric Contest was one of the first major validations in my career. I’d been in Nashville for a few years at that point, quietly writing...

Matt Hoggatt Reflects On His Jimmy Buffett Experience

It all started with an email from American Songwriter magazine about winning the song-lyric contest, which led to an email from Jimmy Buffett who read the magazine, which quickly transformed my life for the next two years from that...

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Top Five Favorite Nonsensical Songs

“Semolina pilchards climbing up the Eiffel towerElementary penguin singing Hare KrishnaMan, you should have seen them kicking...

Patreon Hosts Indie Music Live Stream with RAC, Kat Robichaud and VIAA

Just in time for Independence Day, Patreon will be hosting an Indie Music live stream. The featuring artists are Grammy-winning producer RAC, theatrical rock musician and The...