Córdoba Introduces The Protégé Matiz Guitar

Córdoba Protégé Matiz Guitar

Córdoba introduces the new Protégé Matiz Guitar line, a nylon-strung guitar available in four brightly colored designs guaranteed to shake up the traditional impression of a nylon guitar.

The Matiz series combines maple accents and traditional tone woods in four eye-catching colors: Aqua, Coral, Pale Sky, and Classic Blue. Features of the Matiz series include spruce top and mahogany back and sides which provide the projection and warmth associated with a nylon string guitar. A maple headplate, bridge, and full-scale fretboard give the C1 Matiz an all-new look and add to its tone. A satin polyurethane finish provides a layer of protection against nicks and scratches, while the ghost rosette allows the colored tops of the C1 Matiz to shine.

Córdoba Protégé Matiz Guitar

Each Córdoba Protégé Matiz Guitar includes a color-matched gig bag made of recycled nylon.

Córdoba Protégé Matiz Guitar

Full specs: https://www.cordobaguitars.com/matiz/

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