D’Addario Unveils New XS Acoustic Coated Guitar Strings

D'Addario Introduces XS Coated Acoustic Strings

D’Addario introduces XS, an innovative new coated acoustic string which promises to offer longer life and an unprecedented level of strength and stability without sacrificing tone.

D’Addario, led by Chief Innovation Officer Jim D’Addario, went back to the drawing board in developing these new strings, spending several years rethinking and redesigning what players want and need in a coated string. Their team incorporated D’Addario’s proprietary manufacturing processes and well-known innovations—like NY Steel high-carbon cores in the wound strings and Fusion Twist technology in the plain steels—to give XS incomparable break strength and tuning stability. 

According to their announcement, what makes XS strings different from others is a the new, impossibly thin film coating (1/10 the thickness of a human hair) that completely protects the wound strings from corrosion, without dampening the tone. This new film covering is combined with D’Addario’s proprietary dispersion coating, used in our XT line, to protect the plain steel strings as well

“Several years ago, I posed a simple question to our team of engineers and product designers, to create the world’s greatest coated string with no tonal compromise and no slick or slippery feel,” says Jim D’Addario. “I am proud to say our team rose to every one of these incredible challenges with the new XS strings, providing the most advanced and effective defense possible to lock in your string tone.”

D’Addario Introduces XS Coated Acoustic Strings

With the addition of XS, D’Addario now has the complete and definitive extended life string offering: The X-Series.  Players can choose between XT—for enhanced life and a natural feel—or XS—for maximum life and a smoother feel.

“These new XS strings are perfect for the studio ––super smooth while reducing finger noise without sacrificing tone,” says UK fingerstyle guitarist, Mike Dawes. “They have the perfect tension, making vibrato and expression on acoustic guitar much easier. I can’t wait to take them on tour!”

XS will be available in April 2021 in Phosphor Bronze string sets for acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar, and mandolin in the most popular gauges.  

The XS line will range in price starting at $17.99 MAP for an acoustic 6-string and mandolin and $24.99 MAP for a 12-string acoustic guitar. 

For more information, please visit: http://ddar.io/XS.PR

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