Daily Discovery: Jeremi Duran Releases “Don’t Take It So Seriously” Off Forthcoming EP


Nashville indie rocker Jeremi Duran has released a music video for his infectiously catchy new single “Don’t Take It So Seriously.” 

The D.I.Y. production finds Duran playing multiple roles in a tongue-in-cheek one man play about an artist accused of music plagiarism.  

“Don’t Take It So Seriously” is the first track from Duran’s self titled EP due in mid-Spring. The five track EP was produced by Cage the Elephant guitarist Brad Shultz at the now defunct 16 Ton recording studio in Nashville, TN. 

Shultz calls Duran, a longtime friend, one of his favorite songwriters of all time. 

“I’ve always appreciated good, honest songwriting and I think Jeremi represents that,” Shultz says. “His songwriting is timeless and doesn’t have to rely on what’s current or popular.”

Duran and Shultz have been friends since they were teenagers. Duran is the former lead singer of popular Bowling Green, KY punk band SCHOOLS, who often opened shows for Shultz’s band Cage the Elephant in their early days.

After SCHOOLS broke up, Duran took a brief hiatus from touring and playing shows, but continued to craft and record songs in his bedroom. 

With his new project Duran ditches the distortion and power chords of punk, opting instead for lush horn arrangements and a healthy dose of studio experimentation.

Shultz describes the recording process as reinvigorating for his own creativity.

“I feel like everytime you go into the studio, if you’re making something challenging and pushing yourself, you grow throughout that process,” says Shultz. “Part of me recording other bands and artists is trying to grow myself as an artist. And when we were in the studio I was going through a lot of growth and discovery. I think you can hear that on the record.”

“Don’t Take It So Seriously” is now streaming on most platforms.

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