6 Best Drum Books for Beginners of 2024

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A book? For drumming? Yes. Books are extremely helpful tools when it comes to learning a new technique. Picking up a book on your craft or technique is a must. Reading a book by someone who has developed a proven technique will help your creativity. You'll get out of your head and finally start perfecting the craft of drumming, along with developing your own personality when drumming. See our picks for some books that may help your growth as a drummer.

1. The New Breed: Systems for the Development of Your Own Creativity

This book was recommended to me by my drum teacher. I felt super silly "singing" the rhythm at first, but vocalizing the rhythm while the rest of my limbs play has really helped with my coordination. You'll notice that many reviewers recommend this for intermediate-advanced drummers, but even if you're a beginner there's no reason to get discouraged. Just keep practicing. You'd be surprised by how much your timing and coordination improve each day. (Note: This would be a great gift for studio drummers of all levels.)

2. 200 Paradiddle Exercises For Drums

This is where you'll want to start as a beginner. With over 200+ paradiddle exercises, you're bound for successful technique early on in your drumming. The best part about this book is that you don't even need a drum set. You can get some reps in on a practice pad. And when it's time to get on an acoustic or electronic kit, you'll be able to apply these to fills and songs you'll learn (or write). Once you learn drum notation, self-study and writing will become much easier.

3. Hal Leonard Songs For Beginners - Drum Play-Along Volume 32 (Book/Online Audio)

There are lots of ways to learn songs—you can download sheet music, learn in person, learn via YouTube, or by ear. All great options, but there are many reasons why a book with audio access may be helpful. It's an affordable option and can actually cut out distractions. If you get distracted learning on YouTube, this could be a great fit. It's hard not to get lost in a YouTube rabbit hole of other covers and lessons, so if you're looking to stick to one song before you're on to the next, this book is great. How you'll learn is simple—follow the drum notation, listen to the online audio, play along with backing tracks, and adjust the recording tempo if needed.

4. Music Sales Absolute Beginners Electronic Drums (Book/Online Audio)

Your electronic kit will likely have exercises to play along with (along with other specs for covering songs), but if you're looking for a book/online combo, this is a great fit. The book has lots of grooves for rock, metal, hip-hop, and funk-style playing. With 60 tracks, you'll have plenty of exercise material for practice. It's only $14.99, making it a great affordable option if you're not in lessons at the moment.

5. Hal Leonard Drums for Kids: A Beginner's Guide

Once your kiddo has learned drum notation (or is at least familiar with it), they'll be eager to play some songs. With easy-to-read page layouts, students will be able to understand their lessons. Plus, there are also demonstration tracks you can download. Some songs they'll learn: "Another One Bites the Dust," "Free Fallin,'" and "Crazy Train." A parent gave it a 5-star rating and wrote, "My daughter wants to be a drummer. I am not a drummer. This book helps both of us understand what to do. It is straightforward and easy to read and grasp. There are some fun songs in here too."

6. Drum Practice Journal: Weekly and Daily Log Book for Drummers

If you're someone who keeps a calendar, then you know that writing out your goals helps you stick to a strict practice or jam session. Getting on the kit and wondering what you're going to practice is no good. Have an idea of your strengths and weaknesses and play. Split some time between grooves, learn a song, and maybe even go back to some basics on the drum pad to build speed. This practice journal has a weekly planner for key goals and 5 daily practice pages to list technical exercises. There are 122 pages in total. This is a great way to maximize practice time and begin creating lesson plans for yourself as you invest in books and online lessons.

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