DVD: Guitar Player Wanted: Vocals A Plus, With Karan Andrea

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

Guitar Player Wanted: Vocals A Plus, With Karan Andrea DVD
LIST PRICE: $49.99 (holiday sale)

Just about every guitarist seeking a gig is aware of how many more opportunities are availed to them if they’re able to sing. Guitar Player Wanted Vocals A Plus with Karan Andrea is a DVD/CD instructional program designed for guitarists and other instrumentalist to add that other instrument to their arsenal: their voice.

While beginning non-instrument playing singers will find the instruction beneficial, the program is intended for those who already possess basic music knowledge. Emphasis is thankfully placed on contemporary music. Andrea steers clear of operatic styling, selecting only the techniques that improve tone and control regardless of genre. She pays special attention to the hard consonant sounds prevalent in the English language and pop and rock music.

Andrea’s explanation of the antinomy of the larynx and pharynx comes off slightly clinical, but the practical necessity of learning these physical elements is used to show how sounds are formed and manipulated. Of course, Andrea uses guitar terminology, such as “resonating chamber” and “soundboard,” so understanding the importance of these aspects is guitarist-friendly.

All of the critical aspects of what a singer will encounter are covered in this package: range, breath control, fatigue, break, etc. Since it is assumed the basic musical knowledge is already acquired, elements such as time, tempo, harmony, and other elements of music are not.

There are a substantial number of exercises demonstrated with a clear explanation of the benefits they provide. These exercises are also included on the CD that runs through the entire range of both the male and female singing voice. It’s cool that they are on CD rather than DVD so the morning or evening commute can be multi-tasked.

The DVD is polished off with a Q&A session that covers topics such as how to find your own voice, voice care and maintenance, colds and sinuses, mic technique and more… enough to give the musician the wherewithal to step up to the mic with the confidence to do what needs to be done.

Soul House Sound and V-Picks have teamed up to offer a Christmas gift package for guitar players. For $49.99 + FREE shipping (domestic, ground) get the Guitar Player Wanted: Vocals a Plus DVD/CD instructional set, a V-Picks sample pack of the 5 most popular V-picks in holiday colors of red and pearl, and a Soul House Sound lanyard.


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