Gibson Launches Search for Missing 1959-1960 Shipping Ledgers

The 1959 Gibson Les Paul is one of the harder instruments to find, with only 643 of the iconic guitars manufactured that year and prices fetching upwards of $500K. Equally as hard to find, and in fact missing, are the...

Fender Announces New Additions To Their Player Series

Fender adds to their Player Series line of electric guitars and basses today with the addition of several new models, and a roster of modern artists singing the praises of their bold look, feel, design and playability.

Meet the Builder’s Edition 324ce from Taylor Guitars

Sponsored content presented by Taylor Guitars Introducing the Builder's Edition 324ce from Taylor Guitars, a Grand Auditorium acoustic-electric made from all-new Urban Ash. This exciting addition to the line of premium tonewoods used by...

Studio Spotlight: Rascal Flatts’ Jay Marcus The Grip II Recording Studio Designed By Carl Tatz

Who doesn't love looking with envy at gear other songwriters use? With so much affordable quality gear available and studios to help you accomplish your goals, we introduce our new Studio Spotlight series feature. We’ll profile all...

PreSonus Unveils Studio One 5, A Major Update To Their Popular DAW

It’s a big day for PreSonus fans and recording songwriters as the company announces the release today of Studio One 5. The popular DAW application receives a major leap from Studio One 4 with many new user-requested...

The New Zoom H8 Allows Musicians, Field Recorders And Podcasters To Record Up To 12 Tracks Simultaneously

Zoom is long known as one of the pioneers of portable handheld recording devices.  The new Zoom H8 Handheld Recorder takes their technology a step further and allows a user to record up to 12 tracks simultaneously.

The Gruv Gear Kapsule Duo Holds Two Instruments In One Sturdy Guitar Case

Gigging musicians who use more than one electric guitar or bass will want to check out Gruv Gear’s new Kapsule Duo, an innovative guitar case that holds two guitars with a variety of transport options.

Gibson TV Takes You Behind The Scenes Of Guitar Building In Award-Winning Series“The Process”

If you’ve ever wondered exactly how a guitar is built from start to finish, particularly a Gibson, you’ll want to make some time and check out Gibson TV’s new series “The Process.” The 12-part...

BandLab’s Albums Lets Independent Musicians Publish Their Music With Complete Control

BandLab is a social music platform that gives creators the tools to make music. Today, the company launches BandLab Albums, which lets independent musicians self-publish their music on their own in a professional format with complete creative control and maintaining...

Taylor Debuts The American Dream Series- Their Most Affordable US-Built Guitar

Taylor Guitars introduces their new American Dream Series- the lowest-priced US-made, all-solid-wood guitars in the manufacturer’s product line. The Series launches today with three new models, all featuring their proprietary V-Class bracing and hovering in the $1399-$1699 price point, the...

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Today’s ASCAP SPF Online Series Showcases Ed Sheeran collaborator Amy Wadge plus EZI and ROE

ASCAP shines its spotlight on several of its talented songwriters in a new online series, the ASCAP...