Fender Debuts New Fullerton Series Ukuleles

Coronavirus go away, we’ve got music to make! The weather is getting warmer and we’re all itching to get outside and sing some songs. Fender’s newly released Fullerton Series ukuleles have hit retail stores and are ready to provide the soundtrack to your bright, happy and carefree summer days.

The three models take their inspiration from their electric guitar-playing brothers and sisters in the Fender line, with Telecaster, Stratocaster and Jazzmaster styled body shapes. Guitar players will feel right at home with their look and feel, and beginners will have an easy time navigating the fretboard.

If you’re looking to make a statement on the stage, and have an instrument in hand that plays well, the Fullerton Series Ukuleles fit the bill.

Fender Fullerton Series Ukulele Jazzmaster

Each ukulele features a laminated spruce top, maple neck with a laminated walnut fingerboard and Fender-designed preamp system that enables players to alter the sound via a single tone knob. Designed with comfort and ease in mind, the Fullerton Series also has a convenient no-tie bridge, making string changes a breeze in comparison to traditional ukulele bridges that require special knotting.

“The Fullerton Series is a true representation of blending iconic Fender style with the functionality of a traditional ukulele to diversify the way that players can express their vibe and personality on stage,” Billy Martinez, Fender VP Category Manager, Acoustic Division said.

Each model is available in the traditional colors that each Fender electric guitar is known for - with the exception of the Jazzmaster which will be available in a brand-new color, Tidepool. All of these ukuleles and more are on sale now.

  • The Fullerton Series Ukuleles - $199.99, including:
  • Fullerton Telecaster (Butterscotch Blonde, Black)
  • Fullerton Stratocaster (Three Tone Sunburst, Black)
  • Fullerton Jazzmaster (Tidepool, Olympic White)
Fender Fullerton Series Ukulele Telecaster
Fender Fullerton Series Ukulele Stratocaster

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