Fender Reimagines Two Iconic Guitars With New Double Neck Marauder

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

When it comes to the world of guitars, there are few figures as pivotal as Leo Fender. Despite never learning how to play the instrument, he managed to design some of the greatest and most popular guitars of all time. Yet, while some of his timeless designs have gone on to be symbols synonymous with popular music itself—like the Stratocaster or the Telecaster—others of his designs didn’t quite get the time in the spotlight they deserved but became hot-ticket items among dedicated Fender fans. 

Now, with their 2021 Prestige Collection, Fender is taking two of these iconic, unsung guitar designs—the Marauder and the Electric XII—and combining them into one brilliant creation: the Double Neck Marauder, built by custom shop artist, Carlos Lopez.  

“This one was a no-brainer,” Lopez said in a new episode of Fender’s Dream Factory series. “I really love Marauders and the Electric XII—those are kinda my babies. So, this was an obvious choice. Honestly, I hope somebody gets it and is inspired to create the next badass album. I hope they can create something that’ll make a mark.”

Designed in collaboration with Paul Frank—best known for his graphic design characters, like Julius the Monkey—the Double Neck Marauder is just as much a testament to Fender’s eye for beauty as it is to their world-class craftsmanship. With pickups designed and built by Curtis Novak, it’s a marvel to consider how far the Marauder and the Electric XII have come since Leo Fender first designed them back in the 1960s.

More specifically, the new Double Neck Marauder has the looks and specs to please any fan of out-of-the-box guitars. With a two-piece ash body, quarter-sawn ‘60s C-shape necks, custom Jaguar and XII-inspired pickups and incredibly dynamic switching and wiring systems, the guitar is both a loving tribute to Fender’s past and an exciting step into the future. 

Learn more about the Double Neck Marauder and listen to former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist, Josh Klinghoffer, try it out below:

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