Fretland Debuts Video for “Long Haul”


The groundswell of support for Fretland is reaching a critical mass, and it appears that the band is ready for a big 2020. In an immediate follow-up to being an American Songwriter Daily Discovery to close October, Fretland is now set to open November with a premiere of its debut video for “Long Haul” on the site.

Founded by Hillary Grace Fretland, the group also includes Jake Haber, Luke Francis, and Kenny Bates. The band has a self-titled, 11-track debut album due out in early 2020, and includes the epic, “Long Haul,” reflective, “Have Another Beer,” and the revelrous, “Friendly Fire.”

Hillary said that the video for “Long Haul” is a tribute, of sorts, to the place they call home.

“Our video for Long Haul is a celebration of our hometown in Snohomish, Washington,” she said. “When you have a special connection to the community that helped shape you, it’s a love and nostalgia that never really goes away.

“Watching our town come together to make this video happen was just another reminder of why we feel this way. Really that feeling of pride and history is what we were wanting to capture, so that anyone who shares that love for a town or place can share in it with us. Long Haul is a song about capturing all that love for wherever, whatever and whomever it’s been inspired by and then sharing it with the world. Its boastful, it’s shameless, and it goes on and on. “

The band, rife with energy and momentum, has already created one of those strong foundations that allow for a long story to unfold in great detail and with much revelation.

The video provides a perfect backdrop for a beautiful song, one that allows you to get lost in the music while also creatively taking the time to introduce the people and places that shape the band.



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