Fun Alert! Guitar Pedal Maker Teisco Announces Coloring Book And Pedal Design Competition To Win A Heritage Guitar

Here’s a fun way to think outside the box and keep your creative juices flowing while you don’t have any live gigs. Best of all, you might just win a guitar!

Guitar pedal manufacturer Teisco (a division of BandLab Technologies), designed a coloring book of their guitar pedals for you to create your own artwork, plus a contest to design your own pedal and enter to win a brand-new Heritage H-150 guitar. The coloring book is available on their website here or on their Instagram and Facebook pages. There are five pedals to get creative with: Teisco Boost, Teisco Delay, Teisco Fuzz, Teisco Overdrive, Teisco Distortion.

The last step is to design your own guitar effect pedal, decide what each knob will do and color it any way you want. Think outside the box. Heck, draw outside the pedal lines!

When you’re finished, share your masterpiece using the tags @weareteisco #myteiscopedal

The contest is open to all and the chosen pedal design will win a Heritage H-150 in Dirty Lemon Burst worth USD $2,499.00 as the grand prize.

Steal a few minutes away from noodling on your guitar and noodle on the coloring book and call yourself a certified pedal builder! You might just wind up with your next effect for your live show when they resume.

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